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Default Office security issues?

I run a company with 25 employees, I want to make sure they are doing the right thing during work with their computers, any solutions?
By the way, I will tell them I am able to monitor them.
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Default Re: Office security issues?

OK, so... you can pay for micro keylogger employee monitoring software to watch your employees, but spying is a way to know, not a way to stop. You may consider to think of other ways to encourage their work passion.
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Default Re: Office security issues?

For a small business, you have several good ways to achieve endpoint security. You can install a Web-hosted system that combines software on the PC with remote monitoring services to protect your computers and enforce compliance with company policies. You can combine a few complementary tools, such as a desktop security suite and professional tracking software. Or, if your company is very small and your budget is tight, you can adopt free tools.
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