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Default Broken Charging Port

The black plastic piece that holds the pins in line broke off my charging port. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Has anyone else had this happen?
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Default Re: Broken Charging Port

I recently had it happen on my iPhone. It sucks. :/ In my case I just bought a used one from a friend for very cheap, but it seems it should be easy to repair. I would call Dell and ask how much they would charge for the repair. I'm not sure what other companies could repair Streaks...

It seems it should be possible to repair it yourself, but you'd need some experience with that and spare parts. Normally, manufacturers don't send out spare parts to end users, but I once got some for an HP laptop after being routed higher up in the food chain several steps from a regular CSR...
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Default Re: Broken Charging Port

Call Dell. Refer to this thread a what happened with my USB port.

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