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Default HP MINI 1000 Upgrade with 1.8" ZIF SSD


Just download a upgrade solution about HP1000 from B2CIT.com, share with your guys!

Replaced the HDD by myself then.

Take out the battery before disassemble the unit.

Flash memory port in the bottom position

Disassembled HP Mini 1000

take down the keyboard
Before this, please remove the 2 screws in the battery port.

Then turn over the LCD screen to take out the keyboard.
(We suggest start from the middle upper position, there are 2 small locks states in the right/left side to withstand each side, you can prize it up by a card. Finally push the 2 locks beneath the keyboard to take it out.)

After taking out the keyboard, you will find the keyboard is connected by a thin flat cable, donít push it by force.
Beneath the keyboard is metal shelter.

After taking out the shelter, you will see the hard disk.

taking out the HDD, and replace it by an SSD.

After fully taking out the keyboard, you can see a 1.8 inch 60GB HDD in the upper right position. Remove the 2 screws besides the HDD, and then take out the HDD. The HDD is protected well by a metal board.

You can see the HDD is fixed by a metal shelf. (Notice: if replace the HDD, it will damage the warranty label. )

Now, let us take a look at the original Toshiba HDD and Renice K3E SSD which we will use it for replacement.

Install the SSD into the metal shelf will avoid warranty, but this makes the SSD fixed steadily in the MINI 1000.

When you are going to install the SSD into MINI 1000, you will find a lock in the hard disk port which makes you hard to fix the SSD well. (According to my experience, we should insert the SSD together with the ZIF cable into the ZIF connector on the main board, but donít lock it tightly, then move the SSD slowly to the right position, after making sure the SSD and the ZIF cable in the main board side are on the right position, you can lock the ZIF connector on the main board tightly. )

Now let us take a look for the performance test comparison for TOSHIBA HDD 60GB and Renice K3E SSD 120GB:
CrystalDiskMark .


ATTO Bench32


Microsoft Score Comparison:
2G DDR + 60G 4200rpm Toshiba HDD, WIN7, Microsoft score for HDD: 4.6
2G DDR + 120G Renice K3E SSD, WIN7, Microsoft score for HDD: 5.9
After install Win7 SP1 + Office 2007, the system boot takes 10 seconds now
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