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Good and EVO is dedicated to HTC coverage, including the HTC EVO series on Sprint, and the HTC One series on all other carriers. Check out the rest of our Android coverage, including app reviews, Nexus news, and more at

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Review: myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000

There are few things more frustrating than getting the "beep beep" notification and popup that you need to connect to a charger when you're trying

March 30, 2012 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews

MIUI v4 ICS port with full hardware acceleration now available for HTC EVO 4G

For fans of MIUI, the ICS builds were not quite in prime time last we checked, but based off the hardware acceleration of Deck's pre-beta

March 29, 2012 Good and EVO

Sprint says no more WiMAX devices ever

When the HTC EVO 4G was launched in 2010, it was the first phone to be touted as 4G. It ran on 1G/3G and WiMAX/4G

March 29, 2012 Good and EVO

Poll: How important to you are cores on the next HTC EVO?

Many G&E readers have been expressing discontent that the next HTC EVO, possibly named the HTC EVO One, will have a dual-core Snapdragon S4 (Krait)

March 29, 2012 Features, Good and EVO

Rumored specs are leaked for the HTC EVO ONE [Updated]

We've been tossing around the possibility for days that the HTC Jet, which looks pretty similar to the HTC One X, is really going to

March 28, 2012 Good and EVO

HTC EVO 3D is now free from Sprint, too

Sprint reeeeaaaalllly wants to make room for the next generation of LTE phones, including a new LTE HTC device that very well just might be

March 28, 2012 Good and EVO

BlueStacks Beta-1 lets you run Android applications on your PC

Have you ever been on the fence about installing an app from Google Play or third parties on your HTC EVO, or perhaps thought “hey,

March 28, 2012 Good and EVO

Draw Something makes it way to the top of the Android world

Until you've seen unintentionally hilarious drawings of an Ewok or Michael Jordan done by friends of yours, I don't know that I can properly convey

March 28, 2012 Apps, Good and EVO

4 X 5 Rosie Launcher mod gives rooted HTC EVO 3Ds more real estate

Rosie, the stock launcher that comes with Sense, has a problem. It was designed for a smaller screen, and even though we have significantly better

March 27, 2012 Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

Official dock for HTC EVO 3D only $14.97 at Radio Shack

Remember the official dock for the HTC EVO 3D that Jenn reviewed back in July? You know, the one that was selling for $49.99. Well

March 27, 2012 Good and EVO
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