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Good and EVO is dedicated to HTC coverage, including the HTC EVO series on Sprint, and the HTC One series on all other carriers. Check out the rest of our Android coverage, including app reviews, Nexus news, and more at

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Rock out with Lyric Legend 2

Imagine Dance Dance Revolution, Karaoke Revolution, and finger skateboarding got thrown in a blender and set to frappe. What you'd get is Lyric Legend 2,

January 16, 2012 Apps, Good and EVO

Nandroid Browser browses Nandroid backups for individual extraction

If you've ever realized after you flashed a new ROM on your HTC EVO that you were missing an application or some data but didn't

January 16, 2012 Apps, Good and EVO

Use your Android to sign into Google on a public computer without entering your user ID or password

Leave it to the folks at Google to come up with yet another ingenious solution to life's everyday problems – this time, it's a way

January 16, 2012 Good and EVO, Tips & Deals, Tutorials

How to quickly remove apps from HTC EVO View 4G running Honeycomb

One handy feature that Honeycomb brings to the HTC EVO View 4G is the ability to quickly uninstall downloaded apps that you no longer want

January 16, 2012 Good and EVO, Tips & Deals, Tutorials

No new WiMAX smartphones for Sprint, LTE is coming soon!

It's official, folks. Sprint is officially kissing WiMAX goodbye, having just announced late last week that no more new WiMAX smartphones will be released on

January 16, 2012 Good and EVO

DeSensed View ROM strips Sense from rooted HTC EVO View 4G

"De-Sensified" or "de-Sensed" is a touchy word for HTC Sense lovers who can't imagine stripping a ROM of all of its Sense components to make

January 14, 2012 Good and EVO

Latest OTA update to 2.17.651.5 on HTC EVO 3D finally removes Carrier IQ

You can finally (officially) say goodbye to Carrier IQ on your HTC EVO 3D … Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Adiós! Sayonara! The latest OTA software update

January 13, 2012 Good and EVO, Software Updates

HTC EVO View 4G is now available from Sprint for $149.99

If you've been holding off on getting an HTC EVO View 4G due to cost, Sprint might have just made the decision a little easier

January 13, 2012 Good and EVO

ClockworkMod Tether removed by AT&T, Sprint likely to follow

Just days after its release in the Android Market, ClockworkMod Tether has been hidden from anyone on AT&T's network. With Sprint likely to follow suit,

January 13, 2012 Apps, Good and EVO

Ultra-Wide Band Wireless USB frees our gadgets from another cable

Over the past couple days, CES has given us a glimpse into the future of Android smartphones. I'm already hoping that Gorilla Glass 2 and

January 13, 2012 Good and EVO
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