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Good and EVO is dedicated to HTC coverage, including the HTC EVO series on Sprint, and the HTC One series on all other carriers. Check out the rest of our Android coverage, including app reviews, Nexus news, and more at

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Ad-free Greedy Spiders for HTC EVO free today at Amazon Appstore

As Android Police pointed out awhile back, there are many "[Adjective] [Animal]" games out there now-a-days. Some are bad; some are good. But one of

September 18, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

How to play WiFi-only Gameloft games over 3G on rooted HTC EVO

If you took advantage of Gameloft's back-to-school promotion a few weeks ago, then you may have noticed an interesting setback when you tried to play

September 16, 2011 Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

PrinterShare Mobile Print for HTC EVO free today at Amazon Appstore

In Amazon's never-ending quest to be the low cost leader (and tick off a lot of app developers in the process), we have yet another

September 16, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

How to autoplay SBS videos in 3D on your HTC EVO 3D

A couple months ago, we showed you how to get your existing library of 3D videos to play on your HTC EVO 3D. But many

September 16, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

HTC EVO 4G gets more Sense 3.5 love with new Runnymede port

Anybody who's taken a look at the HTC Bass (more commonly known as the Runnymede before its official name was revealed today) could say that

September 15, 2011 Good and EVO

El Shaddai hopefully to visually grace Android and HTC EVOs in the near future

This is still in the rumor mill, but Famitsu has released news that Ignition Entertainment's visually stunning art piece El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

September 15, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

This is what the inside of your HTC EVO 3D looks like

Ever wonder what exactly was inside your HTC EVO 3D? And no, I'm not talking about your dirty pictures or dust from your pocket. Rather,

September 15, 2011 Good and EVO

In light of recent events, what exactly does Sprint have up its sleeves for HTC EVO users?

There has been a lot of chatter about Sprint in the tech blogosphere the past couple of days. In light of recent news, we thought

September 15, 2011 Good and EVO

School Schedule helps quiet your HTC EVO during lecture

Story time: I had a bad ass biochemistry professor last year. At the end of the term, he went out for pizza and beer with

September 14, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

Geek Week at Amazon brings price cuts to some of the best apps available for HTC EVO

We love good deals here at G&E, especially when it comes to awesome apps for the HTC EVO. That's why we were so excited a

September 14, 2011 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
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