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Good and EVO is dedicated to HTC coverage, including the HTC EVO series on Sprint, and the HTC One series on all other carriers. Check out the rest of our Android coverage, including app reviews, Nexus news, and more at

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Google Now anywhere 3

Google Now to allow custom voice actions

In the past, if you wanted to  complete an action with Google Voice other than the built in ones, you had to install applications like

May 01, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight 0 Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight review (updated) Overall Score

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight review (updated)

Four years ago if someone said I’d be playing with an internet connected nightlight in 2015 I would probably have thought I must be going through

April 30, 2015 Android, Apple, Good and EVO, Reviews
Android 5.1 Lollipop 4

HTC One M8 Android 5.1/Sense 7 update announced

The UK HTC Twitter feed has announced that Sense 7 and Android 5.1 are coming to the HTC One M8 in August of this year,

April 30, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
Visualized Internet Map 0

Using a VPN to bypass carrier data drop issues

We’ve recently seen a bit of problems with the Sprint HTC One M9 and an issue where certain connections are just completely dropped. A quick fix while

April 29, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
HTC One M9 13

Data drop issue plaguing some Sprint HTC One M9 users

There’s evidently an issue with some HTC One M9s on Sprint (at least) going around in which although there’s a data connection some applications, or in some

April 28, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
t-mobile-logo 2

T-Mobile insists it is not throttling unlimited data customers

T-Mobile announced its Q1 2015 results earlier today, and the numbers are certainly impressive – with 1.8 million total net ads and only 1.3% postpaid

April 28, 2015 Android, Features, Good and EVO
Permission Denied by UU AppPurifier 4

UU AppPurifier: root-style control for unrooted

UU AppPurifier is an interesting application in that it gives an unrooted user some measure of root-style control over other applications, and the way it

April 28, 2015 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
Boost stkd_logo CMYK 0

Boost Mobile now offers its Miami customers a Cuba calling and texting plan

As relations between the US and Cuba continue to thaw, Sprint hopes to cash in on the opportunity. Its prepaid division Boost Mobile is now

April 27, 2015 Android, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals
Peel Smart Remote 0

HTC is discontinuing Sense TV, recommends Peel Smart Remote instead

HTC is currently sending messages to users of its Sense TV service to alert them that the Taiwanese technology company has decided to discontinue its

April 27, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
Facebook video calling 1

Facebook Messenger launches free video calling

Facebook is rolling out an update for its free Messenger app that will enable free video calling. The social network has allowed voice calling for

April 27, 2015 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
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