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Unboxing the Sharp NetWalker PC-T1

Want a handheld slate running Ubuntu 9.04 on an 800MHz Freescale i.MX515 (based on ARM Cortex A8) processor? If you're feeling like a black sheep

May 30, 2010 Linux, UMPC

Aigo in overdrive with release of N520 Maemo MID

  Aigo has been frequently making the headlines recently with several new product announcements like the N700, E500, 7007, and Walkshow NX7001 to name a

May 25, 2010 Linux, UMPC

Sleek ZTE V7 MID joins the growing popularity of Maemo in China

  While the long-running Windows CE and now Android are usually the major mobile operating systems of choice for Chinese MID manufacturers, the last several

May 17, 2010 Linux, UMPC

Aigo relaunches N500 Maemo phone as Walkshow NX7001 MID

Although what we're looking at here isn't anything spectacular on its own, the idea behind it is quite lovely. This is the new Aigo Walkshow

May 12, 2010 Linux, UMPC

Archos 5 Android and IMT receive hack to run Maemo

  The Archos product line currently seems like it is in a state of transition, with the imminent release of the value-aimed Archos 7 HT

May 12, 2010 Android, Linux, UMPC

Nokia N900 gets Opera Mobile 10 preview build

Although Firefox Mobile is still my favorite browser for the Nokia N900 and the stock MicroB browser is certainly no slouch either, I couldn't ignore

May 11, 2010 Features, Linux, UMPC

Intel promises Moorestown-powered MeeGo-running phone will be available by year end

  Following yesterday's big unveiling of Intel's Moorestown mobile platform, the Atom Z6xx processor, and its ability to run Android, MeeGo, and Moblin, the question

May 06, 2010 Linux, UMPC

Moorestown becomes a reality with unveiling of Intel’s Atom Z6xx smartphone platform

  For those of you who have been following its development, it's been quite a few years since we first heard of Intel's Moorestown platform,

May 05, 2010 Android, Linux, UMPC

Leaked PR1.2 RC briefly available for adventurous Nokia N900 users

While last month's PR1.2 SDK release already gave us a preview of what to expect from an upcoming Maemo 5 software update for the Nokia

May 02, 2010 Linux

Firefox Mobile 1.1 beta released for Nokia N900 (if you can get it)

Although it's slower than the default MicroB browser and it came in last in my mobile browser website load times tests last month, Firefox Mobile

April 29, 2010 Linux
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