Nexus One now cleared for landing on AT&T, $529 in unlocked trim

For those AT&T customers who still find themselves cursing Google in a fit of rage and jealousy everytime they see the sweet Nexus One playing

March 16, 2010 Android

Windows Phone 7 Series loses some of its shine

Remember when the first iPhone was announced way back in 2007 and how it was mocked, ridiculed, and criticized for not having basic features that

March 16, 2010 Microsoft

Qi Hardware’s Ben NanoNote about as small as they come

I've never heard of this thing before, but the Ben NanoNote from Qi Hardware looks like it could possibly hide out in the tiny coin

March 15, 2010 UMPC

Microsoft hits MIX10 with a flurry of Windows Phone 7 Series info

As if there needed to be another reason to visit Las Vegas besides bright, flashing lights and the sounds of coins cascading out of the

March 15, 2010 Microsoft

Giving in to Nokia N900 temptation

When the Nokia N900 was officially announced last August, I was among those who wished it had a bigger screen and wasn't a phone. I

March 14, 2010 Features, UMPC

In the midst of “tablet fever,” whatever happened to the Samsung Q1EX?

Just to illustrate how quirky I can sometimes be, my current random thoughts consist of "I wonder whatever happened to the Samsung Q1EX?" and "Why

March 13, 2010 UMPC

MAG Digital’s tablet appears as rebranded iMito IM7 with full specs

  Previously showcased during CeBIT, the MAG Digital WinCE tablet, also known as the MDT70CT, caught our attention with its simple, minimalist design, impressive media capabilities,

March 12, 2010 UMPC

Viliv N5 gets possible May release date

There hasn't been much news about the highly anticipated Viliv N5 lately and with only a few weeks left in March, which is when some

March 12, 2010 UMPC

Looks like iPhone OS 3.2 is right around the corner

With all the excitement today over a certain large-screened tablet being available for pre-ordering, it looks like Apple is getting all their ducks in a

March 12, 2010 Apple

Over 50 ARM-based tablets due to hit the market this year

  With all the frequent coverage of tablet MIDs across the web and new devices appearing nearly every day, it's been hard to keep track

March 11, 2010 UMPC
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