Eston MID-02 slider runs Android and Windows CE 6.0

Remember the Eston MID-01 that got stolen at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair back in April? It's okay if you don't, as it was nothing

August 10, 2009 Android, UMPC

Tainell T500 MID powered by Intel Atom

Though there is little hope in ever seeing this outside of China, Tainell has a new Atom-powered MID that deserves to be brought into other

August 10, 2009 UMPC

Why I bought the Viliv X70 EX

This guest article was submitted by Robert A. Anson. My dream is to be able to pull a computer out of a small case, have

August 10, 2009 Features, UMPC

Is the Nokia RX-51 (N900) living up to expectations?

It looks like all those months of speculation and leaks about the rumored Nokia N900 (Rover), long overdue successor to the N810 Internet Tablet, weren't

August 08, 2009 Linux, UMPC

No subsidy offered for Samsung Mondi purchased with two-year contract

Although Samsung neglected to mention pricing in the press release announcing the retail availability of its Windows Mobile 6.1-running Mondi WiMAX MID, it quickly became

August 06, 2009 Microsoft, UMPC

Save $100+ on Archos 5 and 7 Internet Media Tablets

The Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet is still my favorite PMP and my top choice for video storage and watching movies when traveling or whenever

August 05, 2009 UMPC

Digital nomad, digital homebody, or somewhere in between?

Whether your mobile computing device of choice is a UMPC, MID, smartphone, netbook, or notebook, do you like working at coffee shops? Do you enjoy

August 05, 2009 Features

Why I bought the Samsung Mondi (SWD-M100)

While I was waiting for my Samsung Mondi last week, I read a number of early-thoughts articles and reviews of the device from mainstream media

August 03, 2009 Features, Microsoft, UMPC

ClarionMiND now on sale for $229.99

While Nissan North America thinks charging $800+ for the ClarionMiND is a fair price for the ownership and installation of a mobile internet navigation device

July 31, 2009 UMPC

Samsung Mondi size comparisons

Size comparisons are one of my favorite kinds of gadget photos to take, so the first thing I did after the Samsung Mondi unboxing shoot

July 30, 2009 Features, Microsoft, UMPC
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