Sony’s “division two” may eventually bring lower-priced UMPCs

There are certain companies and brands out there that over time develop a strong connection with their customers, an almost cult-like following, if you will.

April 16, 2010 UMPC

Opera Mini for iPhone hits over 1M downloads on first day, minus one

When Opera Software's long-popular Opera Mini software was teased by the company a few months back running on an iPhone, most observers figured it had

April 15, 2010 Apple

New Android recipe for Verizon is Incredible, coming April 29th

As the wait continues for Verizon customers eager to get their mitts on the delayed Nexus One, the Big Red decided to concoct an all-new

April 15, 2010 Android

Moonse developing mini iPad clone running Android

Based on the reception to the rumor that Apple may be launching a smaller iPad early next year, it sounds like many of you would

April 15, 2010 Android, UMPC

Downgraded image quality in Android 2.1 confirmed by Google

For any Motorola Droid owners who recently upgraded to Android 2.1 and noticed a slightly hazier outlook, yet thought their mind was playing tricks on

April 14, 2010 Android

Dell announces partnership with Telefonica/O2, Mini 5 headed for Europe?

  In all the post-launch iPad euphoria during the past week, I'm sure many of you like us here at Pocketables have been wondering when

April 14, 2010 Android, UMPC

Intel looks to join the Android bandwagon with Moorestown and hints at dual-core Atoms

It's been an extremely good quarter for Intel this year with the company releasing its best 1st quarter financial results during its earnings call yesterday,

April 14, 2010 Android, UMPC

Quick look: EnergiStick Micro-USB key ring battery by Energizer

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, every mobile device seemed to have its own proprietary AC adapter or charging cable

April 13, 2010 Accessories

Dell won’t chase Apple’s tablet, but HP may give it a try

With the tablet market suddenly starting to shift on its axis even more in Apple's direction, you're probably wondering, just as I am, what Dell

April 13, 2010 Android, UMPC

Huawei C8600 brings Android 2.1 to China

  Huawei, the Chinese company behind the SmaKit S7 Android tablet, has just announced the C8600 smartphone in Beijing, being one of the first handsets

April 13, 2010 Android
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