Dell Mini 9 and OS X revisited

This guest article was submitted by Chris King. Ever since Apple decided to make the switch to Intel processors from their long-used PowerPC architecture, users

July 21, 2009 Features

MIU HDPC inches closer to US release (or does it?)

The last time we heard about MIU Technology's HDPC (hybrid dual portable computer)—the MID phone with two operating systems, CPUs, and screens—the Korean company had

July 20, 2009 UMPC

Viliv S7 photographed, battery life tested in Korea

One of the Viliv S7 convertible UMPC's advertised highlights is that its 4700mAh lithium polymer battery has the potential to provide "true all-day computing" up

July 17, 2009 UMPC

Optima unveils OP5-E MID with Maemo

Looking much like an iPhone but having more in common with a keyboard-less Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, the OP5-E MID by Optima is currently undergoing

July 15, 2009 Linux, UMPC

Viliv S5 enhanced by XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

This guest article was submitted by Hector Gomez. It's only been two days since I installed Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 on my Viliv

July 14, 2009 Features, UMPC

Cowon S9 now offered in ceramic white

The Cowon S9 digital media player that was released at the end of last year in titanium black and chrome black is now available in

July 13, 2009 MP3 Players

Rumor: Raon Digital gone bankrupt?

Grab your salt shakers and gather 'round, folks. It's time to share a rumor that's beginning to seem a little less like fiction and a

July 13, 2009 UMPC

Why tethering plans don't make any sense

This guest article was submitted by Ben L. Cellular carriers try to make a dime off of their customers wherever they can. With all the

July 11, 2009 Apple, Features

W100 MID phone runs Windows Mobile 6.1

Since ARM-based Windows Mobile devices being called MIDs is a trend that clearly isn't going anywhere, I'll just go with it and introduce you to

July 10, 2009 Microsoft, UMPC

SmartQ 5 MID will also run Windows CE

Users of the low-cost SmartQ 5 that was originally released with Ubuntu will soon be able to run Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 on the compact

July 10, 2009 UMPC
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