Updated import pricing: UMID M1 mbook sans HSDPA

Justek emailed to let me know that they've just updated their import pricing on the lower spec'd HSDPA-less UMID M1 mbook MID. UMID sells this

April 08, 2009 UMPC

Samsung Mondi WiMAX MID powered by ARM11 CPU

One of several unknowns surrounding the newly announced Samsung Mondi WiMAX MID was the CPU running the Windows Mobile 6.1 machine and allowing the included

April 07, 2009 Microsoft, UMPC

dmedia tries again: M0 WiMAX MID

Remember the dmedia G400 WiMAX MID that was supposed to be at CES 2009 but ended up being a no-show instead? Well, it's back again,

April 06, 2009 UMPC

Non-US Sony Vaio P models can now be unlocked

Two months ago, a hack to enable HSDPA became available for US models of the Sony Vaio P that let people use AT&T and T-Mobile

April 05, 2009 Laptops

BenQ Qisda QPD-111 MID wins design awards

The BenQ Group's Qisda Creative Design Center has just won 2009 red dot and International Forum design awards for its QPD-111 Mobile Internet Device (two

April 03, 2009 UMPC

Dell rumored to release Android-powered MID this year

There's very little information to go on right now but when the Wall Street Journal (via Engadget) says that Dell is tinkering with Google's Android

April 02, 2009 Android, UMPC

Unidentified mobile device looks familiar

Rather than a silly prank or some made-up product announcement, I'm observing April Fools' Day here on Pocketables with a very simple riddle. What is

April 01, 2009 UMPC

Samsung Mondi WiMAX MID gets official

Given Samsung's tendency this year to prematurely unveil its own products, the official announcement of the Mondi WiMAX MID first spotted at MWC in February

March 31, 2009 Microsoft, UMPC

Wibrain M1 MID to be released in Korea

Earlier this year, we saw the Atom-based Wibrain M1 parading through China as the EKING M1. Today, it's back with its original name and slated

March 31, 2009 UMPC

Owl iMpc A10 UMPC runs Windows XP

China-based Owl Co. is so intent on making sure that we know its new handheld is a "real computer" and not just a PDA that

March 30, 2009 UMPC
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