iriver SPINN shipping in US on October 3rd

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the US release of the iriver SPINN digital media player, then let it out now and head

September 28, 2008 MP3 Players

BenQ S6 MID now available in Italy

If it weren’t for the ClarionMiND news today, I would’ve thought that Intel-powered MIDs and the United States weren’t on speaking terms anymore. What else

September 26, 2008 UMPC

ClarionMIND re-introduced at $650, 3G premium model on the way

The Atom-powered Clarion MID that was just launched as the ClarionMiND last month was re-announced this week with a November release date (in keeping with

September 26, 2008 UMPC

HP 2133 Mini-Note wins over an anti-netbook buyer

Since I've always been very open about my dislike of and complete lack of interest in netbooks, it is with great shame that I reveal

September 25, 2008 Features, Reviews

Porient H12 price and order information

I don’t know how many of you are really interested in the Linux-based Porient H12 handheld that calls itself a UMPC, but I’ve just heard

September 24, 2008 Linux, UMPC

Fujitsu LifeBook U820 shows up on US support site

As the Fujitsu U2010 UMPC becomes available in country after country, both with and without built-in GPS, those in the US can do nothing but

September 24, 2008 UMPC

Gadget confession: Shiny not-so-little secret

Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. Against my better judgment and previous vows, I bought something I shouldn’t have. It’s silver and shiny, and

September 23, 2008 Features

Technology obsession could lead to network TV debut

Internet addiction may be a mental disorder and gadget mania may require psychotherapy, but did you know they could also get you on TV? And

September 23, 2008 Features

Raon Digital recalls Everun Note

Raon Digital has just issued a recall of its Everun Note premium mini notebook due to a handful of "failure symptoms." Based on the Google

September 22, 2008 UMPC

Compromised mobile blogging with iPhone 3G

I’m sitting in the front row (lower box, 50-yard line!) at Candlestick Park right now waiting for the 49ers to hit the field and wishing

September 21, 2008 Apple
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