Willcom D4 UMPC gets encased in rubber

A new addition to the Willcom storeroom is this three-piece case designed for the Atom-powered D4 UMPC (Sharp WS016SH). The plastic front and back plates

October 06, 2008 Accessories, UMPC

Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet lakeside unboxing

We’re headed back to California this afternoon after a wonderful weekend in Reno. The weather is so nice here that we couldn’t help but pull

October 05, 2008 MP3 Players, UMPC

Gadget lust fulfilled in Sparks, Nevada

Ahh! After hitting every Circuit City within a 100-mile radius in Northern California, I finally found the 250GB Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet that’s been

October 04, 2008 MP3 Players, UMPC

BenQ S6 MID product page, UI demo, press shots

I’m heading to Reno for the weekend and if I see a BenQ-sponsored table on the casino floor, I’m putting some money down that a

October 03, 2008 UMPC

Digital Cube to release Telson 3D UMPC this month

You may remember hearing about a VIA-based UMPC this past summer that had a 3D screen and was more of a proof-of-concept than anything else.

October 03, 2008 UMPC

DataWind launches PocketSurfer2R with GPS, touchpad, unlimited internet for life of device

Though I walked away with positive feelings about the DataWind PocketSurfer2 during CES, the clamshell internet device never seemed to make the same impression on

October 02, 2008 UMPC

Hands on and inside the Peartree MID

It’s been about six months since we heard anything substantial about Sophia Systems’ Atom-based Peartree MID reference platform and development kit. The 12.7-ounce slate hasn’t

October 01, 2008 UMPC

Is gadget lust diffused or fueled by waiting?

One of the things I’ve been doing here in California is hunting down the 250GB Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet that a reader told me

September 30, 2008 Features

Aigo P8860 MID now shipping worldwide, XP drivers coming soon

I’ve just been informed that Direct From Japan (DFJ) has partnered with Aigo to begin selling the Atom-based P8860 MID for $699 with free same-day

September 29, 2008 UMPC

iriver SPINN shipping in US on October 3rd

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the US release of the iriver SPINN digital media player, then let it out now and head

September 28, 2008 MP3 Players
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