FlipStart announces arrival of mobile revolution

Nine days after it became common knowledge, the FlipStart landed in my inbox with the subject line "The mobile revolution has arrived – get ready

March 14, 2007 UMPC

Samsung Q1 Ultra: Everything you want to know

UPDATE (5-7-07): Samsung unveils five Q1 Ultra UMPCs In about 8 hours, Samsung will hold its 2nd generation UMPC press conference to spill all the

March 14, 2007 UMPC

Averatec AHI UMPC delayed again

The last thing I ever want to associate a UMPC with is a fish (yellowfin tuna, to be exact) best served up raw on a

March 14, 2007 UMPC

Official name and launch of Samsung Q2

One of the rumors about the Samsung Q2 was that its real name was the Samsung Q1 Ultra. The "Q1 Ultra Ultra-Mobile PC" seemed rather

March 13, 2007 UMPC

Sony PSP2 coming in late 2007

The little set of rumors about the next-generation Sony PSP from last October have resurfaced today, this time backed by Kotaku‘s "highly placed sources." The

March 12, 2007 Tips & Deals

10 reasons UMPCs need keyboards

One of the most common complaints about the UMPC is that it doesn’t have a keyboard. None of that onscreen, virtual stuff either—naysayers who have

March 11, 2007 Features, UMPC

Illuminated portable silicone keyboard

Portable keyboards are essential accessories for UMPC and handtop owners who need to do a lot of typing on the go. Most people opt for

March 11, 2007 Accessories

Samsung Q2 secrets and rumors

It won’t be long before the truth is revealed but until then, here are some interesting tidbits going around about the Samsung Q2. 1. Name.

March 09, 2007 UMPC

Intel and Parrot pair UMPCs with cars

Mounting a UMPC into a car is nothing new, but Intel joining forces with Parrot (the company who puts Bluetooth in your life) to encourage

March 09, 2007 UMPC

FlipStart coined "useless oddity"

PCMag.com’s Lance Ulanoff has a lot to say about the Vulcan FlipStart. In a rather scathing article titled "Flipstart Needs to be Stopped," he does

March 08, 2007 UMPC
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