Treo 680 available on Black Friday

The road between press release and in-store availability has been a rocky one for the Palm Treo 680. Last month, word on the web was

November 21, 2006 webOS

My Pepper Pad 3 is back (and black)

The next time I planned to shine the spotlight on my Pepper Pad 3 (PP3) was in the first installment of an upcoming multipart review.

November 21, 2006 Linux

Amazon to sell 1,000 Xbox 360 consoles for $100

If one of the 667,000 Nintedo Wii consoles sold since yesterday’s launch isn’t sitting in your living room right now, you may want to head

November 20, 2006 Apps

Samsung SPH-P9000 available in December

Remember that exquisite SPH-P9000 uberdevice that stole our hearts earlier this month? It’s being released in South Korea in two weeks! Contrary to initial reports,

November 19, 2006 UMPC

Christmas with the Vaio UX280P

Here’s a nice little Christmas ad of the UX280P being shown at SonyStyle.com right now. I assume it’s from Sony’s holiday catalog because that’s company-sponsored

November 18, 2006 UMPC

UMPCs on the runway

Wow. Aren’t the Samsung Q1 UMPCs getting popular! First their Best Buy distribution expands, then they appear (and sell out) on Woot, and now they’re

November 17, 2006 UMPC

PlayStation 3 owners: Rich and crazy

You won’t believe the outrageous price gouging going on at eBay right now. Following the presales and today’s official launch of the PS3, folks who

November 17, 2006 Editorials

Geek.com turns 10 and gives YOU gifts!

Geek.com is celebrating its 10th birthday by giving away a ton of brand new gadgets! The list is still being updated but already up for

November 16, 2006 Giveaways

Refurbished Samsung Q1 for $750

Woot is serving up another amazing deal today: the 40GB Samsung Q1 UMPC (refurbished) for only $750 plus $5 shipping and handling. A factory-fresh device

November 15, 2006 UMPC

iPod owners get everything!

Not content with dominating only the digital audio player market, Apple has set its sights on the world of transportation. This summer the company announced

November 14, 2006 Apple, MP3 Players
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