Chatbox update

You probably noticed that the old chatbox, which used to appear above the "archives" section in the sidebar, has been experiencing a lot of technical

August 13, 2006 Site News

Waiting for the UX180P

A reader by the name of "drvg" recently emailed to find out about UX180P startup times. I ran the clock from switching on the unit’s

August 13, 2006 UMPC

Getting to know the OQO 01+

I’ve been using the OQO 01+ for a couple of days now and am beginning to get a real feel for what the device has

August 11, 2006 Reviews, UMPC

Overview of the OQO 01+

This is the first installment in a multipart OQO 01+ review for my new Quick Takes series. Quick Takes are based on short-term usage of

August 08, 2006 Reviews, UMPC

Combatting image resizing

The comments to my last post about viewing comics on the UX180P revealed that I have been completely unaware of a very basic setting in

August 04, 2006 UMPC

Viewing comics on the UX180P

UK reader Dominik asked about how well suited the UX180P is for viewing comic book pages. I’m glad he included a few links to check

August 03, 2006 Features, UMPC

Review: ZVM external battery charger

The Creative Zen Vision: M is already equipped with enough battery life to easily keep you entertained from sunrise to sunset. However, if you’re camping

August 02, 2006 Accessories, Reviews

Review: Vaio UX180P standard battery: Part 2

This part of the standard battery test review will cover results garnered under various multimedia scenarios (i.e., watching movies and listening to music). For a

August 01, 2006 Reviews, UMPC

Coming soon

In the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing a new series called "Quick Takes," which will be reviews based on short-term usage (1-2 weeks) of

July 31, 2006 Site News

Interview on ebooks

You may remember in my UX180P orientation review that one of the only things I enjoy doing with the screen in portrait mode is reading

July 29, 2006 Site News
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