A website that replaces your ruler

Will wonders never cease? The Internet already simplifies life’s most arduous tasks (you know, shopping, paying bills, filing taxes), and now there’s a site that

September 22, 2006 Tips & Deals

Forget about wind-ups with Walkie Bits

They’re certainly not a shining example of Japanese technology, but Takara’s Walkie Bits musical turtles still received top honors by Time magazine when it was

September 21, 2006 Tips & Deals

The M-Buzz about Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson announced yesterday the upcoming launch of its M-Buzz mobile media download service. Created primarily (and at the moment, exclusively) for use with cell

September 19, 2006 MP3 Players

So much for not smoking

Don’t tell the guys behind the truth and whudafxup campaigns, but it looks like technology and smoking have become friends. There isn’t actually a lighter

September 19, 2006 Features

Vaio UX280P makes firm landing

Finally! More than a week after the new UX280P vanished from where it was first spotted a week earlier, it has finally landed on solid

September 19, 2006 UMPC

Sony Style features My Style

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for customization. When a company offers a product in more than the standard black or white,

September 18, 2006 Editorials

Sony D-VE7000S: Not a PMP

Pictures can be so deceiving. My heart skipped a beat when I mistook this Sony D-VE7000S DVD Walkman for a portable media player (otherwise known

September 17, 2006 MP3 Players

Vaio UX180P: Gripes and grievances

Since the day my UX180P moved in, I’ve spent a pretty indecent amount of time exploring its features and hardware components. To say that I’m

September 16, 2006 Reviews, UMPC

UK gals can downsize their purses

GIRLY POST ALERT The Samsung S400i is one of those I-wish-I-lived-in-the-UK slider phones enabled with i-mode, a mobile Internet service that seems to be all

September 15, 2006 Features

Replace your batteries with the sun

Have you seen that commerical for Energizer’s AA-powered Energi To Go cell phone charger? The one with the guy skydiving (you know, the most common

September 14, 2006 Accessories
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