Vaio UX180P: Gripes and grievances

Since the day my UX180P moved in, I’ve spent a pretty indecent amount of time exploring its features and hardware components. To say that I’m

September 16, 2006 Reviews, UMPC

UK gals can downsize their purses

GIRLY POST ALERT The Samsung S400i is one of those I-wish-I-lived-in-the-UK slider phones enabled with i-mode, a mobile Internet service that seems to be all

September 15, 2006 Features

Replace your batteries with the sun

Have you seen that commerical for Energizer’s AA-powered Energi To Go cell phone charger? The one with the guy skydiving (you know, the most common

September 14, 2006 Accessories

Final thoughts on the Zaurus SL-C3200

I ended my last Zaurus post with optimism, writing that although I wasn’t exactly enamored with the C3200, there was still time for it to

September 13, 2006 Linux, Reviews

Curtain call for Apple Showtime

Most of the rumors surrounding Apple’s anticipated "It’s Showtime" media event were confirmed today by Mr. Jobs himself. If you can’t spare the 77 minutes

September 12, 2006 MP3 Players

Microsoft takes on YouTube

I’m not sure exactly how long Microsoft has been working on its “secret” YouTube competitor (previously codenamed Warhol), but the recent emergence of pretty firm

September 11, 2006 Microsoft

Sony UX280P disappearing act

Remember when the UX280P was available on Sony’s Business Solutions website? Well, hopefully you had the foresight to at least take a screenshot because it’s

September 10, 2006 UMPC

Getting to know the Zaurus SL-C3200

The Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200 has been an overnight guest since Tuesday, and I must say that it looks quite at home on my desk. Despite

September 09, 2006 Linux, Reviews

Sushi USB drives

Novelty USB drives come in just about every shape and size these days. Manufacturers have already paid homage to Hello Kitty, plush animals, snowmen, rubber

September 08, 2006 Accessories

Download videos from Amazon!

Amazon just got even better today with the launch of its Amazon Unbox Video Store and companion Windows-only video player. In addition to offering episodes

September 07, 2006 Tips & Deals
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