Free keyboard with Samsung Q1 and Q1P

Now until December 22, Newegg.com is offering the Samsung Q1 USB keyboard (a $90 value) for free with the purchase of a new Q1 ($959)

December 11, 2006 Accessories, UMPC

Samsung SPH-P9000 release reverts to 2007

So much for that early December release date. At last week’s ITU Telecom World 2006 event in Hong Kong, official word was that the Samsung

December 10, 2006 UMPC

Samsung Q1b gets product page, too

The family of U.S.-available Samsung Q1 UMPCs is finally complete. It was just a few days ago that the Q1P joined the Q1 on Samsung’s

December 09, 2006 UMPC

Limited edition iPod Nano bundle for Snoopy fans

Snoopy must have a huge following in Japan because RUN’A today announced another one of their exclusive iPod Nano bundles bearing images of the iconic

December 08, 2006 MP3 Players

Free Treo 680 from mytreo.net

Before the Treo 680 became part of any mobile carrier’s family, it was rumored that Cingular might give the device away for free with new

December 08, 2006 webOS

HDPC: UMPC's successor?

A new acronym is born! At the Seoul International Invention Fair 2006 (12/7 – 12/11), Korea-based Mobile Intelligent Ubiquitous (MIU) Technology is showing off the

December 07, 2006 UMPC

Nurian Z1: Miniature clamshell iBook

It’s being called an electronic dictionary, but the upcoming and tentatively named Nurian Z1 (what?) by Hannuri Biz (who?) looks more like a clamshell iBook

December 06, 2006 UMPC

Delightful stuff about the Pepper Pad 3

Even though my first Pepper Pad 3 (PP3) was equipped with what I assume was a defective screen, my experience with the device over the

December 05, 2006 Linux, Reviews

OQO Model 02 on the horizon

Seems those rumors in October about a new OQO handtop were at least partially true. It may not make it to CES next month, but

December 05, 2006 UMPC

Samsung officially acknowledges Q1P

Did you know that the Samsung Q1 UMPC has been the oldest member in a family of four for about three months already? I don’t

December 04, 2006 UMPC
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