Nintendo DS: Educational tool in Japan

Upperclassmen at a high school in Yawata City, Japan, are now officially the envy of school kids everywhere. When the bell rings each morning, students

October 23, 2006 Apps

One-day sale on Archos AV700

There’s an incredible deal going on at Woot right now that is simply too good to pass up: the Archos AV700 for only $289.99 (plus

October 23, 2006 Linux

New OQO to debut at CES 2007?

Fans of the OQO Model 01+ may soon see an end to the waiting game they’ve been playing for the past year. Although unconfirmed by

October 22, 2006 UMPC

Direct recording on gadgets with iRecord

With Christmas just around the corner and rumors swirling about upcoming PSPs equipped with 8GB flash drives and unknown-capacity hard drives, Streaming Networks couldn’t have

October 22, 2006 Accessories

Official leather case for Vaio UX

Sony recently began selling a new leather case (VGP-CCUX1) for the Vaio UX series of Micro PCs. It first appeared a few weeks ago at

October 21, 2006 Accessories, UMPC

Pink squealer speakers

Novelty speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but these little (16 x 10 x 11 cm) piglets caught my eye because . .

October 20, 2006 Accessories

Review: Gamepark Holdings GP2X

If you’re one of the legions of PSP fanatics who has never seen a UMD in person, you probably already know a lot of about

October 19, 2006 Linux, Reviews

More details on Intel/Yahoo UMPC

A prototype of Intel and Yahoo’s upcoming joint-venture UMPC made an appearance in Taipei on Monday at the Fall Intel Developer Forum (IDF). The manufacturer?

October 18, 2006 UMPC

Treo 680 still looking for carriers

When the Treo 680 was deemed official last week, many wondered why Palm remained tight-lipped about specific price points and carriers. The reason, it seems,

October 17, 2006 webOS

Upload videos in one click with Pure Digital

It’s not the most attractive gadget out there, but Pure Digital’s newly updated Point & Shoot Video Camcorder is ahead of the game with its

October 17, 2006 Tips & Deals
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