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Treble-less Samsung -CRAP release of Oreo released for S8, S8+

If you’ve been hoping for project Treble, the Google project that will allow the Goog to modularize systems so important updates make it to you

February 08, 2018 Android
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With one touch make ready defeated in Nashville, monopolies leave things hanging

Submitted without much comment – First picture – underground Google Fiber hub is a couple of blocks over. This is part of the new condition

February 08, 2018 Google

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s HomePod

On February 9th, there’ll be a new player in the smart speaker market, Apple’s HomePod. How does it stack up to other, well-established speakers such

February 07, 2018 2018, AI, Apple, Reviews
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Tribit XSound Go Portable 2x6W Speaker review

After finishing up my testing and going to the Amazon page for a link, I saw the reviews of this and froze in my tracks.

February 07, 2018 Accessories, Reviews
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ADB Miner worm targets some Android devices

With over 5000 infections the initial reports were that the ADB Cryptocurrency Miner worm was exploiting a flaw in Android’s implementation of ADB and that

February 06, 2018 Android

Looking for a security product

Hey all, asking for help here. I’m looking for an existing product that can signal from out at a car to inside a house when

February 06, 2018 Editorials

Tasker Quick Start – get started in 10min!

Are you new to Tasker? This is how you should spend first 10 min with the application. Tasker has a steep learning curve. I hope

February 05, 2018 Tasker, Tutorials

Guest post: Google’s Machine Translation is moving us closer to general AI

Today’s guest post comes from Rachel Wheeler of Morningside Translations. Edited for formatting Google’s Machine Translation is Moving Us Closer to General AI Artificial Intelligence

February 02, 2018 AI, Google
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Ever feel like everything is just one step from broken?

While I’m in the tech industry and I see this stuff a lot, it’s starting to feel like the platforms we’re operating on are getting

February 01, 2018 Editorials
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Milo Mesh WiFi Review – It Does Work, But…

As I mentioned in my recent review of the Nova WiFi System, I’ve been long on the hunt for a mesh WiFi system. To that

January 31, 2018 Accessories, Reviews
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