Syba Hotswap 2.5 and 3.5 bay review

In testing SSD’s(of which more are coming following our OWC Accelsior and Mushkin Reactor coverage) one thing that quickly jumped out to me was the

February 06, 2017 PC components, Pocketables, Storage

Monday Looms, count the seconds of the workweek down in style with the Huawei Android Wear Smartwatch for $199

It’ll be Monday you’re reading this if you’re watching the Super Bowl; [Congratulation!|I’m so sorry!] I can’t believe your team [WON!|lost.] How would you like

February 05, 2017 Amazon, Android, Android Wear, Deal, Google, Smartwatch

Harvard releseases FREE 12 Module Digital Photography Class

Module Topics Photography Lessons Module 1: Introduction to Digital Photography 0 / 5 Module 2: Introduction to Software Start Module 0 / 3 Module 3:

February 05, 2017 Android, Apple, Free, Pocketables
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Pocketables was hacked, just a FYI

Due to what I’m assuming was a flaw in the old version of WordPress we were running someone came in and posted a couple of “hacked

February 04, 2017 Good and EVO, Pocketables, Site News
Android Torrents by Paul King 0

That day you became a criminal by visiting a legit website

One of my many jobs involves a video production company, and I was tasked with attempting to locate a means by which we could distribute

February 03, 2017 Editorials, Good and EVO, Pocketables

3 Robots That Want To Make Your Life Easier

Sci-fi movies and books are filled with fascinating tales of robots and how they’re able to tackle everything humans can and more. Now, many of

February 03, 2017 Editorials, IoT

Azulle Lynk Remote Review

Although we’ve covered several remote control apps over the years and even some IR options for android devices we’ve been neglect in covering a proper

February 02, 2017 Pocketables
AfterMaster Pro 0

Help me with the AfterMaster Pro review (suggestions)

So, I’m in several days of reviewing a product called the AfterMaster Pro. I’m trying to come up with good tests to throw at it

February 01, 2017 Good and EVO, Pocketables

Lexar C20c Finally available for order

We previewed the C20c back in november and were impressed with the drive, it offered compatibility with macs pcs and android devices without any adapters was

February 01, 2017 Amazon, Pocketables

Ben C’s hopes and plans for #2017 Articles

Ben C's hopes & plans for #2017 Articles: #AppStores, #Roms, #Messaging, and #Security

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