Google Fiber Map 9-17-15 0

Fiber is… here?

Yesterday was a cacophony of noise in my neighborhood as Nashville Electric Service trucks were at pole after pole placing new equipment on the lines

August 05, 2016 Editorials
Magisk: A Magic Mask For Your Systemless Modificatons 4

Magisk Mod Enables Root+Xposed+Android Pay

In the latest update in the cat-and-mouse game that is the current state of Android Pay on modified devices, XDA-Developers member and Recognized Contributer topjonwu

August 05, 2016 Android, Apps, Good and EVO, Hacks, Pocketables
The changing shape of HTC Flagships over the years.  (L-R, Evo, Evo 3D, M7, M8, M9, HTC 10) 10

Dear HTC…What Happened?

  HTC recently released their Q2 earnings report, and the results were not positive.  Despite the marked success of the HTC 10 over previous releases and the

August 04, 2016 Editorials, Good and EVO, Pocketables

This morning comes in the form of a short update

Today is my oldest’s first day of school (pre-K) and it’s a half day and I have to manage to cram about nine hours of

August 03, 2016 Pocketables
Monday via 2

Monday’s big ball of negativity: worst product you ever purchased?

It is a dark and troubling time: Monday. And for that I felt there should be an appropriate thread in which we discuss some products that

August 01, 2016 Good and EVO

Why is the fastest internet the slowest rollout?

In Nashville we’ve been the subject of a Google Fiber invasion and rollout for the past 18 months and after all of this time with

July 29, 2016 Good and EVO

Want to write for us an earn the big Pocketables bucks?

I’m being a bit silly on the big Pocketables bucks, but long story short the site is stuck in a rut and also as part

July 29, 2016 Good and EVO, Pocketables

Google’s Play Family Library allows you to share purchases with family, random people

Google has rolled out Google Play Family Library into the Play Store which allows you to share certain purchases with relatives, friends, or pretty much anyone

July 28, 2016 Android, Good and EVO

What do you need root for anyway?

With Android Pay once again being broken on rooted devices I switched to a stock boot.img with a non-stock custom ROM which allowed me to

July 28, 2016 Android, Good and EVO
Google Fiber Shirt 6

Google Fiber continues expanding in Nashville, annoying people telling them that Fiber is coming

Google Fiber has been advertising “Fiber is coming” long enough to have earned the ill will of most of the target audience who wants it

July 28, 2016 Good and EVO
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