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HTC 10 day 6 – new cables, new issues rooting

I picked up a five pack of Aukey USB-C cables for use with the new HTC 10. I realized I’ve been with Android devices through four

May 25, 2016 Android, Good and EVO

BOBOVR Z4 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses review

BOBOVR Z4 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses are a Google Cardboard style implementation of side-by-side 3D video that uses your 4-6″ phone to do the


Four days on the HTC 10

Last week on Wednesday I received a shipping notification that I would be getting my package by end of day Friday, which would have been

May 23, 2016 Android, Good and EVO, Reviews

Interesting discovery while ill

One of the things technology has done is to leave a really massive data trail behind that employers can use to say “ewww, no.. icky”

May 19, 2016 Good and EVO

A laughable (attempted) upgrade with Sprint

I’m keeping Sprint, at least for the next four months, long story won’t go into it. I’m also a blogger who writes about the HTC flagship

May 13, 2016 Android, Good and EVO
Generic Mobile payment thing 0

Promo offers Sprint customers up to $100 to use Samsung Pay

Ubergizmo is reporting that Sprint and Samsung are teaming up to offer you up to $100 back for simply starting using Samsung Pay. To qualify

May 13, 2016 Android, Good and EVO
Sprint HTC 10 3

Sprint HTC 10 available for order now

On Sprint’s website we’ve they’ve got a 32 gig Glacier Silver $624 HTC 10 for $624 as a one time payment or for $21 a

May 13, 2016 Android, Good and EVO
Google Local guides contributions 1

Level 0-4 in 40 days, what I’ve learned from Google Local Guides

On March 20th, 2016 I signed up for the Google Local Guides program. I reached the second highest level you can achieve in slightly over a

May 11, 2016 Good and EVO
The Internet from Pixabay 0

Apple making some developers miserable in June

On a planet with roughly seven billion inhabitants an outdated internet protocol (IPv4) that only supports four billion addressable IP addresses was destined to become

May 09, 2016 Apple, Good and EVO
tasker1 0

Smart sleep profile in Tasker

Rule no.1 of my household: No mobile notifications in bed Creating a smart sleep profile  or sleeping on a sofa?  This is where the Tasker comes in.

May 06, 2016 Pocketables, Tutorials
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