Google logo flat 0

Google Wireless to only work with Nexus products

The new Google wireless service will be rolling out soon, but unfortunately it will only work with one device at the moment and that is

March 06, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
Warrant Canary 1

Warrant Canaries, and why they probably don’t work

If you’ve ever researched VPNs either for privacy, watching another country’s Netflix or streaming services, engaging in illicit illegal activity, or planning the overthrow of your

March 06, 2015 Good and EVO, Pocketables
TYLT VU-SOLO 0 TYLT VU-SOLO Wireless Charger review Overall Score

TYLT VU-SOLO Wireless Charger review

The TYLT VU-SOLO Wireless Charger is a one-amp Qi spec charging mat with an adjustable alignment ledge to line up any device perfectly, regardless of where

March 05, 2015 Accessories, Good and EVO
HTC One M9 price and contest 8

HTC One M9 priced at $599, enter to win one

While we’ve recently learned from the major tech sites that the HTC One M9 takes meh pictures in fancy locations due most likely to unfinished software,

March 05, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
Updated Google Drive 0

Google Drive app updated with drag and drop

A new version of Google Drive is slowly rolling out, it brings the app to version and adds drag and drop functionality to the table

New Google Contacts Preview 1

Preview of new Google Contacts available now

The web page that handles your Google contacts is getting an overhaul sometime in the near future. For the moment you can still access your

March 04, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
MunitioPRO30 0

Kickstarter Spotlight: MUNITIO PRO30 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

MUNITIO is a company I met at Pepcom during CES2013 who made some of the most interesting looking headphones I’d run across at that point, and they

March 03, 2015 Accessories
Merged Chrome Tabs and Apps 1

How to turn off Chrome’s Material Design tabs

With Material Design and Lollipop of course came change in the Google product Chrome. As opposed to having tabs, Chrome users now switch between tabs by

March 03, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
HTC One M9 41

HTC One M9 specs and details officially released

The HTC One M9 was announced this weekend. And based on articles all over the internet, it would seem the world believes it’s the worst flagship phone

March 02, 2015 Android, Good and EVO
GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode 8

GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode makes your apps go big

GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode is a non-root application that will hide the navigation and status bars while you’re in an application to give greater

February 27, 2015 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
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