Google Music now accepting invitations

In what has been expected for a while now, Google has launched Google Music and is now accepting invitations. The Android tablet/phone apps are being

May 10, 2011 Android, Tablets

Andy Rubin leaks next Nexus device (sort of)

Today and tomorrow marks the Google I/O event, a massive gathering of Google developers. They all get together to make good things for all of

May 10, 2011 Android

Google unveils long awaited Google Music, adds movie rentals to Android Market

It has been wanted and rumored, and now it is finally here. At their I/O Conference today, Google announced their cloud music streaming and movie

May 10, 2011 Android

Nexus S 4G walkthrough

Yesterday, I received the newest iteration of the Nexus S series, the Nexus S 4G. I unboxed it for you all then, but I wanted

May 10, 2011 Android, Features

Google announces Android Ice Cream Sandwich, promises to stop fragmentation

Along with many other announcements today, Google dropped information about the new version of its Android operating system. We are still unsure if it will

May 10, 2011 Android

Will you leave Amazon Cloud Player for Google Music Beta on your HTC EVO?

Google officially announced Music Beta, its long-rumored cloud-based music service, at Google I/O today and since those of us not at the conference can only

May 10, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

Google forges deal with manufacturers and carriers to ensure devices receive OS updates

Yes, you read the headline right. Google is in fact dealing with what may be the most common complaint about their Android OS: the lack

May 10, 2011 Android

BeBook Live Tablet available at bargain price

  Not too long ago, new tablets were priced rather high. Luckily for us, prices are coming down and a company called BeBook Live, better

May 10, 2011 Android

ROM Dev Spotlight: Leoisright of HTC Sensation port for HTC EVO 4G

Welcome to another edition of ROM Dev Spotlight, a Q&A series here on G&E that features developers who create fantastic custom ROMs for the HTC

May 10, 2011 Features, Good and EVO

How to wirelessly manage HTC EVO microSD card from your computer

These days, we can do just about everything on the HTC EVO 4G without having to use a (potentially hazardous) microUSB cable. We can update

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