AdvanceTC Magic W3 tablet/smartphone runs Windows 7, but is it still relevant?

The dream of a pocketable device able to run full unabridged Windows and make calls or a Windows smartphone has been something on the mind

March 02, 2011 UMPC

Devs get HDMI mirroring working on AOSP for HTC EVO [Updated with video]

Hot on the heels of the beta release of FullHDMI, an app that enables HDMI mirroring on rooted HTC EVO 4Gs running Sense-based ROMs, comes

March 02, 2011 Good and EVO, Hacks

Make your own HTC EVO custom ROM with dsixda's HTC Android Kitchen

Want to make your own HTC EVO custom ROMs but don't have the technical know-how to get it done? Thanks to dsixda's HTC Android Kitchen,

March 02, 2011 Good and EVO, Hacks, Tips & Deals

Need a Kickstand? Ask Joby

Companies that make accessories for products usually have a certain purpose in mine.  Protection, add this feature or that, etc.  Sometimes you can find a

March 01, 2011 Accessories, Hacks, Tablets

Xoom parts cost: $278

The Wall Street Journal reports that  an estimate from UBM TechInsights on the cost of the Xoom’s parts is $278, a little more than the

March 01, 2011 Android, Apple, Tablets

And the winners are….

February is over, and you all know what that means&#

March 01, 2011 Site News, Tablets

Will multiple Android markets help or hurt?

There have been plenty of rumors going around of Amazon opening up its own Android market. Prices will be the same, and it will just

March 01, 2011 Android, Features

ECS reveals 7-inch Oaktrail-powered tablet at CeBIT

Since its official launch last summer, we have been patiently waiting for the next move of Intel's promising Oaktrail platform, the successor to the long-serving

March 01, 2011 Android, UMPC

Asus Eee Pad MeMo gets innovative solution to stylishly combine phone and tablet

With a fair number of tablets now available that include full phone functionality, one issue facing users from potentially using a single device and occasionally

March 01, 2011 Android, UMPC

Complete guide: How to root, backup, and flash new ROM and kernel on your HTC EVO

IMPORTANT: This complete guide was written for Android 2.2.x (Froyo). To root Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread), please follow this tutorial. This massive guest tutorial was written

March 01, 2011 Good and EVO, Tutorials
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