Motorola Droid 3 video leaked

The Motorola Droid and the rest of the Droid family have always had a special place in the hearts of many Android users. Perhaps it

June 08, 2011 Android

"Nope" says HTC to Sensation 4G's Antennagate issue

Just this past Monday, I reported on a story about how the HTC Sensation 4G had a similar issue to the iPhone 4. That was

June 08, 2011 Android

Dell Streak to get offline Google navigation?

I can’t speak for everyone else here on StreakSmart, but I know I use my Dell Streak as a GPS unit practically every day. If

June 08, 2011 Android, Apps, StreakSmart

BlackBerry PlayBook officially can connect to Sprint 3G

Back when I reviewed the original BlackBerry PlayBook, one complaint I had was voluntarily left out due to the device being WiFi-only. But I have

June 08, 2011 UMPC

Hidden functionality in Keynote for iPad

Keynote for iPad is one of Apple’s own office apps, available for a hefty $9.99 in the App Store. On the surface it’s a decent

June 08, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

iOS 5’s AirPlay mirroring in action

Those of you who dug deep into iOS 5’s features the other day might have seen a short mention of an update to AirPlay, essentially

June 08, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Tablets

iBooks 1.3 adds read-aloud feature

The iPad is getting some serious action as a children’s toy, courtesy of various games and books-at-apps that are actually popular enough to hit the

June 08, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

Simple Streak is super speedy new custom Dell Streak ROM

The Dell Streak isn’t unfamiliar with the world of custom ROMs. The incredible DJ_Steve has been cooking up custom StreakDroid Froyo ROMs since October of last year.

June 08, 2011 Hacks, StreakSmart

HTC EVO 4G vs HTC EVO 3D revisited [Updated 6/19]

I put up an HTC EVO 4G vs HTC EVO 3D specs chart the day the new phone was announced and have been quietly updating

June 08, 2011 Features, Good and EVO

OnLive likely to bring cloud-based console gaming to HTC EVO

This guest article was written by Nick Hahn. Imagine this: you’re sitting at the park, playing the full console version of Assassin's Creed on your

June 08, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO
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