Babying the HTC EVO 4G

All right. It's time to fess up and admit all the weird things you're doing to protect your HTC EVO from the harsh elements of

June 10, 2010 Features, Good and EVO

How to view HTC EVO battery percentage, temperature, and other information

While the stock battery icon that permanently resides in the status bar of your HTC EVO 4G is a fine way to monitor your remaining


Review: Sharp NetWalker PC-T1

Eight months after the launch of the NetWalker PC-Z1, Sharp unveiled the NetWalker PC-T1, a 5-inch tablet version of the Z1 clamshell. Released last month

June 09, 2010 Linux, Reviews, UMPC

Aigo officially launches the full AigoPad product family in Beijing, three new tablets revealed

  Aigo has been extremely busy the past few months preparing what appears to be an all-out assault on the tablet market with its next

June 09, 2010 Android, UMPC

Review: HTC EVO snap-on hard case

Alongside the Body Glove case and HTC's various options (leather carrying case, hard case with interchangeable backs, and gel cover), Sprint is also selling an

June 09, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews

How to view all your HTC EVO home screens at once

If you haven't disabled Sense on your HTC EVO 4G, then you may be a little annoyed that the seven home screens need to be

June 09, 2010 Android, Good and EVO, Tutorials

Testing the limits of attaching photos in Gmail on HTC EVO 4G

Since the Gallery app lets us attach multiple photos to an email composed on the HTC EVO all at once (instead of one at a

June 09, 2010 Apps, Features, Good and EVO

Who says HTC EVO standby battery life isn’t any good?

I don't know about you, but 10% battery drain on my HTC EVO after 8.5 hours of standby with WiFi on the whole time is

June 08, 2010 Good and EVO

Moorestown flexes muscles by running Quake III, WoW, 3D, and video demos

Apart from launching the new Oak Trail ultra mobile platform at Computex last week, Intel was also demonstrating the Atom Z6xx (aka Moorestown) smartphone platform at

June 08, 2010 Android, Linux, UMPC

Second-gen Sony Vaio P finally hits US SonyStyle, available for pre-order

The wait may have been excruciating, but it finally comes to an end today for anyone in the US wanting to buy the new Vaio

June 08, 2010 UMPC
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