Dell Streak 10 Pro with Android 3.1 shows up on benchmark site

With the 10-inch Dell Streak Pro rumored to be joining the Honeycomb tablet fray this summer, it wasn't exactly shocking to find a series of

May 10, 2011 StreakSmart

Splashtop updated with offical Internet discovery, lock screen and extended display

Splashtop recently included a “secret” feature in an update of their iPad app, allowing users to test out a new Internet connection feature, allowing you

May 09, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

SQUEEGiT promises to clean your tablet screen, hassle free

SQUEEGiT is a new product that promises to make the age old issue of cleaning a screen so much easier. From the pictures and videos

May 09, 2011 Accessories, Tablets

DrawFree Android app review

With not a lot of apps optimized for tablets yet, the Android Market for Honeycomb tablets is pretty thin. Sure, sure, there is more trickling

May 09, 2011 Android, Tablets

Thin, flexible phone prototype comes from the future, fits in your wallet

What you're looking at may be the most interesting prototype product I have ever seen. It is a prototype of a flexible Android phone called

May 09, 2011 Android

Barnes & Noble releasing new ebook hardware May 24

The Nook line has been quite a successful venture for the traditionally brick and mortar Barnes & Noble. The Nook Color has been especially popular,

May 09, 2011 Android

Acer Iconia W500 Tab reviewed

Well it seems like Pocket-Lint got their hands on the new Windows tablet from Acer and put it through the ringer for a nice little

May 09, 2011 Microsoft, Tablets

Dell Streak owns 3% of US tablet market, says recent Nielsen survey

It may not be an impressive statistic, especially when compared to the iPad's 82% share, but according to a Nielsen survey conducted last month, the

May 09, 2011 Android, StreakSmart

Nexus S 4G unboxing

The Nexus S was originally released on T-Mobile in the December of 2010. So you're probably wondering why we're looking at it now. Well, that

May 09, 2011 Android, Features

Official BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth keyboard coming this summer

  When the BlackBerry PlayBook training guide was leaked last month, it included a slide showing a Mini Bluetooth Keyboard described as being "perfectly sized

May 09, 2011 Accessories, UMPC
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