Launch-X Pro widget holds up to 49 apps, contacts, shortcuts on HTC EVO

Running low on empty space on your home screens? Need a way to better organize all those icons and shortcuts? Then you absolutely have to

August 18, 2010 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

HTC EVO digitizer and LCD available for DIY repairs

Now that you have some guides to help you fix the HTC EVO yourself should anything hardware-related ever go wrong, you need the actual parts

August 18, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO, Hacks

Repair manuals help you fix HTC EVO yourself

If you view a hardware issue or broken part on your HTC EVO 4G as a challenge for your DIY skills, then make sure you

August 18, 2010 Good and EVO, Hacks, Tips & Deals

Diminutive Archos A28 shows up leaving us to wonder where the rest of the family is

  After making its first appearance by name on JR.com for pre-order, the Archos 32 PMP/MID has also stopped by the FCC for the standard approval

August 17, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Qualcomm readying 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon in time for Christmas

  The current 1GHz Snapdragon is clearly no slouch, but as they say technological progress never stands still. We previously covered Qualcomm's plans for the

August 17, 2010 UMPC

Droid 2 live wallpapers available for HTC EVO 4G

Continuing the trend of installing live wallpapers from other phones onto the HTC EVO, we can now add the laser/dot-shooting robot eye wallpaper from the

August 17, 2010 Android, Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

How many HTC EVO home screens do you actually use?

Whether you're using HTC Sense, ADW.Launcher, LauncherPro, or any other home screen replacement on your HTC EVO 4G, you still have a number of home

August 17, 2010 Android, Good and EVO

How to change ring modes on Dell Streak without using settings

If you’re new to Android, then you might think that the only way to switch between the ring, silent, and vibrate modes on the Dell


Dell Streak volume buttons are backwards in landscape mode [updated]

Although the Dell Streak is designed for use in landscape mode (as evidenced by the orientation of the touch button icons), the volume buttons actually

August 17, 2010 StreakSmart

Dell Streak accessories show up on Amazon, redirect to Dell

Hoping to save some cash on Dell Streak accessories on Amazon? Right now, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Amazon just updated the

August 17, 2010 Accessories, StreakSmart
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