Why devices shouldn't get thinner and thinner

The tablet market is evolving. What once started out with chunky and thick devices has evolved into some of the thinnest products made today. It

March 10, 2011 Features, UMPC

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 cut, copy, paste update delayed

One of the glaring omissions from Windows Phone 7 when it was first released was cut, copy, and paste. Given that most of the rest

March 10, 2011 Microsoft

iPad 2 reviews pop up, confirm 512MB RAM

iPad 2 reviews have started popping up from sites who got one to play with before the official release tomorrow. Once you read through various

March 10, 2011 Apple, Tablets

RIM BlackBerry Playbook will hit shelves with same storage capacities as iPad

Up until now, the storage space varieties for the BlackBerry PlayBook were unknown. But thanks to a recent filing by the FCC, we now know

March 10, 2011 UMPC

HDMwIn alpha brings HDMI mirroring to CyanogenMod 7 and other HTC EVO ROMs

Last week, a group of notoriously talented HTC EVO devs (Shinzul included) better known as teamwin showed off the progress they've been making with getting

March 10, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

How to switch ROMS on your rooted HTC EVO without losing data

This guest tutorial was written by MildlyDisturbed. So, you've successfully rooted your HTC EVO 4G and have a couple of custom ROM flashes under your

March 10, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO, Tutorials

HTC EVO camera lens finds unlikely protection in iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD

The last thing you'd expect to get when you buy someone an invisibleSHIELD for their iPhone 4 is a little something for your HTC EVO

March 10, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

Ubuntu now up and running on rooted Dell Streak

If you've ever looked at your rooted Dell Streak and wished Ubuntu was staring back at you from behind the screen instead of Android, then

March 10, 2011 Hacks, StreakSmart

App review: Carbonite Access for iPad

  iOS 4.3 might just have been released, but there’s another update that came today that I’m much more excited about: Carbonite. They’ve had an

March 09, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

iOS 4.3 now live

If you connect your iOS device to iTunes and check for updates, you should now get the option to update to iOS 4.3- two full

March 09, 2011 Apple, Tablets
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