Samsung rumored to hit Vegas with a Galaxy trio

With CES 2011 in Las Vegas just around the corner, both the rumor mill and hype machine appear to now be in full swing! One

December 29, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Buy a clear HTC EVO battery door, get a colored one free

A new battery door is an easy way to dress up your HTC EVO 4G and now you can get two of them for the

December 29, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO

Shiny Dell logo on Streak battery cover could fall off

How's that shiny silver logo on your Dell Streak's battery cover holding up? Mine is still scratch-free and showing absolutely no signs of wear, but

December 29, 2010 StreakSmart

HTC EVO 4G battery cover gets covered in Lego

Yes, what you're looking at is exactly what you think it is: an HTC EVO battery door/cover made of Lego. Well, actually it's an original

December 29, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO, Hacks

Liquid Physics live wallpaper available for HTC EVO

Some people may view live wallpapers as nothing more than useless novelties that waste resources, but I really like them. They're more decorative than functional,

December 29, 2010 Apps, Good and EVO

Heading to CES 2011 without any UMPCs

I'm off to CES 2011 in a few days and have finally decided which gadgets I'm taking along and which ones I'm leaving behind. As

December 28, 2010 Features

How to get files onto the iPad

The lack of a user accessible file system on the iPad and iPhone/iTouch is one of many complaints about the iPad, as well as the

December 28, 2010 Apple, Apps, Tablets

More Gingerbread ROMS now available for HTC EVO

HTC hasn't even confirmed when and if the EVO 4G will be updated to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) yet, and we've already got a growing selection

December 28, 2010 Android, Good and EVO

Keep extra Dell Streak batteries charged with Lenmar Universal Clip Charger

It may not be the sleekest looking way to charge a spare battery without putting it inside the Dell Streak, but the Lenmar Universal Clip

December 28, 2010 Accessories, Features, StreakSmart

TextureGrip FlexiSkin adds grip to HTC EVO 4G

HTC EVO slipping out of your hand all the time? Then check out BoxWave's "washable and tear-resistant" TextureGrip FlexiSkin. It covers your EVO's naturally smooth

December 28, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO
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