Eston N97 tablet MID available for preorder in China

  Previously announced in November of last year, Eston's N97 tablet MID follows in the footsteps of its predecessors—the MID-01, 02, and MID-05—although I find

March 19, 2010 Android, UMPC

Sneak peek at T-Mobile HTC HD2 in-store displays

If you've been counting down the days until you can walk into a T-Mobile USA store and walk out with the newly entertainment-minded HTC HD2

March 18, 2010 Microsoft

SlingPlayer, Rhapsody ready to jump onto Android platform

My mobile usage habits are probably like a foreign language when compared to someone who depends on mobile tech for their job, since I tend

March 18, 2010 Android

SayCool tablet has 7″ capacitive display with multitouch

Need a break from the deluge of Android tablets that have been marching across your computer screen lately? Then take a look at this upcoming

March 18, 2010 UMPC

Nokia N900 is a feast first enjoyed in small bites

Have you ever gone to a buffet and been so overwhelmed by the selection of food that you go into autopilot mode and just take

March 17, 2010 Features

Android & WiMAX in the mix for Sprint, Nexus One & HTC Supersonic coming soon

With all the smartphone news coming out lately, not to mention the juicy bits we'll discover next week from the CTIA Wireless 2010 show in

March 17, 2010 Android

T-Mobile officially introduces HTC HD2, available March 24 for $199.99

Last night in New York City, T-Mobile proceeded to officially open the curtains on what will be its top smartphone, the HTC HD2. While the

March 17, 2010 Microsoft

Nexus One now cleared for landing on AT&T, $529 in unlocked trim

For those AT&T customers who still find themselves cursing Google in a fit of rage and jealousy everytime they see the sweet Nexus One playing

March 16, 2010 Android

Windows Phone 7 Series loses some of its shine

Remember when the first iPhone was announced way back in 2007 and how it was mocked, ridiculed, and criticized for not having basic features that

March 16, 2010 Microsoft

Qi Hardware’s Ben NanoNote about as small as they come

I've never heard of this thing before, but the Ben NanoNote from Qi Hardware looks like it could possibly hide out in the tiny coin

March 15, 2010 UMPC
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