Turn your iOS or Android device into a portable bank terminal…for free!

I love the world we’re living in. Everything is becoming available for normal people these days, be it CNC routers, 3D object printers or, apparently,

February 11, 2011 Accessories, Android, Apple, Tablets

Control your hotel room from your iPad

You don’t always need an augmented reality real time text translator to impress people with what proper software can do. Sometimes it’s enough to implement

February 10, 2011 Apple, Tablets

The iPad and Velcro, a Match Made in Heaven

Yeah I know, another peculiarity that is old news by now- but that’s what’s great about having a brand new site, we couldn’t have posted

February 10, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Hacks, Tablets

A few thoughts on multitasking and multi-window computing

You might have noticed that there have been a few more posts than usual over the last few days. What changed? I simply logged off

February 10, 2011 Tablets

Dell Streak 7 integrated into Harley-Davidson Road King

Last summer, StreakSmart reader Cody hit the road with the Dell Streak riding in a slide-out tray built into his Harley-Davidson Road King. Now, thanks

February 10, 2011 StreakSmart

Review: Vinyl skins for HTC EVO earpiece, logo, and kickstand

Want a better look at those laser-cut vinyl skins for your EVO's earpiece, HTC logo, and kickstand before paying $8.99 for a set of your

February 10, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews

Talisman Group HTC EVO car dock has camera cutout for filming your drive

Unless an HTC EVO car dock does something unique like mount in a CD player slot, it's tough for it to get noticed, especially with

February 10, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

Review: Cowon D3 Plenue Android PMP

The Cowon D3 Plenue is a PMP first and an Android device second, a distant second. It's important that you remember that in the right

February 10, 2011 Android, Reviews

NBT photo guide 1: Turn your old UMPC into a DSLR accessory

Let’s face it, at this point in time UMPCs are at best novelties of the past. Their price, cumbersome operation and slow hardware didn’t matter

February 09, 2011 Microsoft, Tablets

HP Touchpad announced

HP Palm has just announced a new addition to their lineup to compete against the iPad and the Motorola XOOM this summer, the HP Touchpad.  The

February 09, 2011 Tablets
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