How to get Android mascot app icons on HTC EVO 4G home screens

If you weren't following the Android scene before you got your HTC EVO 4G, then there's a good chance that this is the first time


CES 2011 swag giveaway winner

Thanks for entering to win this year's share of the CES swag I took home from Las Vegas this month. The giveaway period is now

January 17, 2011 Giveaways

Dell Streak CES 2011 bag giveaway winners

Thanks to everyone who entered to win one of the eight Dell Streak bags I brought home from CES 2011. The giveaway period is now

January 17, 2011 Accessories, StreakSmart

Should you trickle charge your HTC EVO battery?

This guest post was written by Joseph Davenport. One of the hot-button issues concerning the HTC EVO 4G is the safety and value of trickle

January 14, 2011 Features, Good and EVO

Review: Unifi leather case for Samsung Galaxy Tab

When RealNetworks previewed Unifi, its new cloud-based personal media service, at CES 2011, I would never have guessed that I'd go home with a Unifi-branded

January 14, 2011 Accessories, Android, Reviews

Splashtop Remote lets you watch Hulu and Netflix on HTC EVO

Sure, there are ways to get Hulu working somewhat acceptably on your rooted HTC EVO, but why settle for good enough when there's a way

January 14, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

Froyo OTA update for AT&T-locked Dell Streak delayed “a couple more weeks at least”

It's now the middle of January 2011. Which version of Android is your Dell Streak running? If you've got yourself an AT&T-locked Streak and aren't

January 14, 2011 Software Updates, StreakSmart

Run Windows on an iPad/Android tablet….sort of

I’m a firm believer that tablets can be a productivity devices, but there are still some things you need a computer for. Be it using

January 13, 2011 Android, Apple, Apps, Tablets

Ballistic offers hard core protection case for HTC EVO 4G

Whoa! Check out these Ballistic HC Series cases for the HTC EVO. The "HC" stands for "hard core" (seriously) and each case has been engineered

January 13, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

Splashtop Remote demoed on Dell Streak at CES 2011

At the Digital Experience press event during CES 2011 last week, Splashtop Inc used a Dell Streak to showcase its Splashtop Remote desktop software and

January 13, 2011 Apps, StreakSmart
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