DPT-Group Cynovo C7 tablet makes appearance at CeBIT with updated specs

  In addition to the plethora of Android tablets showing up these days, there appears to be another growing segment of larger tablet PCs more

March 05, 2010 UMPC

iriver plans to stir up e-dictionary market with WiFi-equipped, HD-capable D1000

  Android tablets seem to be a dime a dozen at CeBIT this year, but not forgetting the rest of the tech world outside Hanover,

March 05, 2010 UMPC

uSmart shows off its tiny UMPC, magnifying glass optional

For those of you with poor vision, Sun Power Technology's tiny creation being shown off at CeBIT right now is probably the last thing you

March 04, 2010 UMPC

Archos Phone Tablet might be history before it even gets a chance

Ah, the memories still remain as vivid as that slideshow image from back in September of last year, and if current reports are to be

March 04, 2010 Android

MAG Digital’s WinCE tablet features an Android-esque interface

  Following on from the Skytone Alpha convertible tablet, MAG Digital was also showing off another interesting looking device at CeBIT. Caught in another informative

March 03, 2010 UMPC

Skytone Alpha debut at CeBIT marks the first Android convertible tablet

  MAG Digital has done a bit of a first at CeBIT this week, revealing the Skytone Alpha convertible tablet running Google Android. With the

March 03, 2010 Android, UMPC

Sell your old and unused gadgets the easy way with Gazelle

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most of our readers probably don't stop when they have bought just one

March 02, 2010 Features

HiVision Android tablet debuts at CeBIT for a potentially bargain price

  They say things come in threes, and that seems to be the case for recently announced low-cost Android tablet MIDs. Following on from the

March 02, 2010 Android, UMPC

Pricing for T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 revealed

After just two months together, my once-beloved HTC HD2 and I have decided to part ways. While other relationships are probably suffering because the Snapdragon-powered

March 01, 2010 Microsoft

HTC HD2 and others may not get Windows Phone 7 series update

For most devices, having plenty of hardware buttons makes certain features easier to navigate, but two extra buttons could spell a quick and early obsolescence

March 01, 2010 Microsoft
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