Are original accessories worth it?

There are plenty of accessories out there, but some of them are quite expensive. Chinese OEM manufacturers often duplicate these and sell them online, with

April 27, 2011 Accessories, Tablets

My time with the Motorola XOOM

As we know, I’ve been using the XOOM for several weeks now. I could’ve given you guys yet another boring review and tell you about

April 27, 2011 Android, Tablets

Dear Microsoft; this is what I want for Photosynth

I was excited when I first saw that Photosynth had made it to iOS, but then I found out that you have to use the

April 27, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

Enough with the identical Honeycomb tablets!

Since the announcement of the Xoom, both our and other sites’ articles have gone from a general tone like “look at this awesome tablet” to

April 27, 2011 Android, Tablets

Fring updated for iPhone and Android, gives ability to pick on three friends

Video-calling has been getting a little bit of attention lately, hasn't it?  Well, hopefully you are all ready for a little more light to be

April 27, 2011 Android, Apple

The Tablet Newspaper: a 1994 vision of what tablets would be like

Many visions of the future are way off in some direction; either too optimistic, or too pessimistic. The above video however, made in 1994, is

April 27, 2011 Tablets

Dell giving $100 gift card with WiFi-only Streak 7

Dell.com may have originally priced the WiFi-only Streak 7 a bit higher than Amazon's $379.99, but a limited time offer going on now until May

April 27, 2011 StreakSmart

HTC EVO 4G topping Kernel Manager stats

Team Win's Kernel Manager—the one-stop app for downloading and flashing kernels—has only been in the Market for about two weeks (and publicly seen just a

April 27, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

Be A HeadCase combines HTC EVO case with rust-proof bottle opener

Last year, Be A HeadCase introduced an iPhone case with a stainless steel bottle opener built into the back. Now the US-based company is looking

April 27, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

Acer Iconia Tab A500 gets reviewed

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 is now available, and Engadget has a review up. The review pretty much confirms what I said about the thing

April 26, 2011 Android, Tablets
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