Aigo launches feature-packed N500 Maemo MID

  Makers of a line of mobile internet devices that included the P8860, the first Intel-powered MID to be available worldwide in 2008, Aigo has

January 25, 2010 Linux, UMPC

T-Mobile US supposedly getting an upgraded HD2

When it comes to mobile devices, we Americans tend to come out on the bad side of the curve, whether it be higher costs for

January 25, 2010 Microsoft

Review: UMID mbook BZ

Originally known as the UMID M2 but officially rechristened the UMID mbook BZ, the Atom-based clamshell MID/UMPC was launched at CES 2010 and is now

January 24, 2010 Reviews, UMPC

Two-timing Nokia N900 flips between Maemo and Android

There are several enticing smartphones in the marketplace right now, and of course they all run various operating systems, each of which have their pros

January 24, 2010 Android, UMPC

Sungworld developing an Android MID tablet

Sungworld, a Chinese manufacturer specializing mainly in laptops and GPS devices, has something new up its sleeves: a 7-inch Android tablet MID that is set

January 24, 2010 Android, UMPC

ITG xpPhone price list shows what you’ll be getting for your money

With the building excitement around the ITG xpPhone and the very recent news regarding its prospective price range, ITG has now posted more information on

January 21, 2010 UMPC

Dual system ViewSonic VCP08 demonstrated in video

Not to be left behind by the ITG xpPhone's demonstration videos released over the past month showing a variety of functions from web browsing to

January 21, 2010 UMPC

Unboxing the UMID mbook BZ

Although you can't get the UMID mbook BZ for last week's discounted price anymore, the successor to last year's Atom-based mbook M1 clamshell MID can

January 20, 2010 UMPC

Archos 5 gets Android 1.6 Donut update (again)

Several weeks after Archos pulled the Android 1.6 Donut firmware for its 5 Internet Tablet because of a "last-minute major issue with the web browser,"

January 20, 2010 Android, UMPC

Asus Eee Pad due to be unveiled at Computex 2010

DigiTimes has reported that Asus will formally debut its Eee Pad tablet PC at Computex Taipei 2010. Spotted at CES as a concept device called the

January 20, 2010 UMPC
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