Capacitive stylus Sharpie mod to make your stylus more comfortable

As you know I love Kickstarter and occasionally post about projects I find there. Yesterday I stumbled across a project called the Cosmonaut where the


Acer Iconia dual screen tablet launching at $1,200

Crunchgear is reporting that this beautiful dual touchscreen tablet will be launching next month for $1,200 at your local dealer. This will certainly be in

March 29, 2011 Microsoft, Tablets

Amazon launches Cloud Drive and Cloud Player music streaming services for Android

As the next step in their seemingly evident quest to integrate with and improve the Android operating system, Amazon just released Cloud Drive and Cloud

March 29, 2011 Android

Camera showdown: iPad 2 vs Canon 300 HS

The low quality iPad 2 camera is no secret by now, as Allen has already showed you showed pics and I’ve showed you what happens

March 29, 2011 Apple, Tablets

Could WP7 overtake iOS by 2015?

While Windows Phone 7 devices have generally been determined to have great potential, they're still not without their flaws. And when considered along the popular

March 29, 2011 Apple, Microsoft

RIM explains lack of email, other apps on Playbook

Oh, silly BlackBerry PlayBook. Oh, silly RIM. There are so many potential customers out there who really want the device to be released because of RIM's

March 29, 2011 UMPC

Motorola XOOM joins our party

It was less than a week ago that I scrambled out of bed, headed down to the local Apple Store to wait in line for

March 29, 2011 Android, Tablets

Shake Them All! live wallpaper puts Android mascot and friends at the mercy of HTC EVO sensors

Even though they don't really serve a purpose and some of them can slow down a phone or drain a battery, live wallpapers are still


How to get rooted Android 2.2.2 update on your Dell Streak 7

There's still no known way to root the recent OTA update that delivered Android 2.2.2 to the Dell Streak 7, but there is a way


HTC EVO 3D to be released in France

While many of us are coming up on our one-year anniversaries with the HTC EVO 4G, all of our Android-loving international friends are still living

March 29, 2011 Good and EVO
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