Dell Streak box glosses over Android

For people who know about the Dell Streak from seeing it on tech sites, one of the reasons to want the device is probably its

June 20, 2010 StreakSmart

Unboxing the Dell Streak

Since it would be pretty difficult to run a site about the Dell Streak without actually having a Dell Streak and I didn't want to

June 19, 2010 Features, StreakSmart

Official Dell Streak accessories now shipping

If a product's expected success can be measured by the number of third-party accessories that are available for it, then it would seem that the

June 19, 2010 Accessories, StreakSmart

Dell Streak will receive Android 2.2 update

Just in case you're on the fence about the Dell Streak because it ships with Android 1.6 (Donut) and you haven't already heard the good


Flashlight Alerts app makes HTC EVO camera LED flash with incoming calls, SMS

Although I usually lay my HTC EVO on its back when I'm not using it, sometimes I put it face-down so nothing gets on the

June 19, 2010 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

Welcome to Streak Smart!

Long before I purchased my Dell Streak (UK version), I had plans to start this site. It was going to be the first site I

June 18, 2010 StreakSmart

Are you on the HTC EVO replacement waiting list?

Based on the number of people who sent this to my G&E tips inbox today, I think it's safe to say that you all know

June 18, 2010 Features, Good and EVO

Review: Seidio multi-function battery charger for HTC EVO 4G

One of the worst things about using a spare battery with the HTC EVO is that it needs to be charged separately. One battery charges

June 18, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews

Which case are you using with your HTC EVO 4G?

In order to keep the HTC EVO in top-notch condition while in use, most people put it in a silicone skin, snap-on shield, or some

June 18, 2010 Good and EVO

iPhone 4 confirmed to have 512MB of RAM

Although Apple has published the full specifications for the hotly anticipated iPhone 4, following tradition it hasn't revealed some of the hard numbers behind the

June 18, 2010 Apple
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