WiFi-only Dell Streak 7 hits UK first, available now for £299

Since the US got the 4G-enabled Dell Streak 7 before the rest of the world, it's only fair that another region gets first dibs on

April 14, 2011 StreakSmart

Slacker G2 dock back on eBay, advertised for use with Dell Streak

It was hard to find for a while, but the Slacker G2 dock that's known to work with the Dell Streak is readily available on

April 14, 2011 Accessories, StreakSmart

Motorola XOOM Bluetooth Keyboard review

We all seem to know most of the benefits of a tablet. There is still plenty of untapped territory of course, but now we know

April 13, 2011 Accessories, Android, Tablets

iWah stand for iPad gives guitar players a helping…eh…foot

The iWah stands from II:XX are special aluminum stands designed for guitar players. A lot of apps on iOS allows you to connect electric guitars

April 13, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Tablets

First preview of WebOS 3.0 pops up

The above video features a 19 minute walkthrough of WebOS 3.0, the OS that HP is putting on the coming Palm tablet. It was made

April 13, 2011 Tablets

Amazon bumps Dell Streak back up to $49.99 with AT&T contract

If you were thinking about taking advantage of Amazon's penny pricing on an AT&T-locked Dell Streak, you don't have to think about it anymore. The

April 13, 2011 StreakSmart

Amzer holster designed for HTC EVO in silicone skin or snap-on case

Considering that Amzer already sells a slim holster for naked HTC EVO 4Gs, it's only fair that the accessory company makes something for clothed EVOs

April 13, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

LEDs Hack turns off HTC EVO capacitive button lights

The HTC EVO 4G's capacitive button backlighting isn't blindingly bright or taxing on the battery, but if you've ever wanted to turn them off, then

April 13, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO

Wacom announces capacitive stylus

Wacom is the go-to company when it comes to both consumer level and professional digitizer tablets used for photo editing and simlar tasks. I’ve had


Samsung Galaxy Tab as in-home music device

I purchased my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab in December of 2010. Since then, I have primarily used it to check email, surf the web, watch

April 12, 2011 Features
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