Android: 2010 versus 2011

This guest article was submitted by Calob Horton. Android is installed on many different devices on many different carriers around the world. In fact, just recently,

January 21, 2011 Android, Features

T-Mobile says $330 price for Dell Streak 7 is “the result of a technical error”

I hope you didn't break open your piggy bank and start counting out $330 worth of pennies following yesterday's news about the possible on-contract price

January 21, 2011 StreakSmart

Will Apple release an iPhone 5 at WWDC?

This guest article was submitted by Calob Horton. Although it wasn't a huge shock considering all the previous rumors, leaks, and speculation over the years,

January 20, 2011 Apple

HTC EVO unofficially gets massive 4500mAh extended battery, replacement cover/door not included

If you've ever looked into buying a spare standard battery for your HTC EVO before, then you know that the EVO, Hero, Touch Pro 2,

January 20, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

HTC EVO 4G reels in hybrid fishbone case

There are already several HTC EVO cases out there that take a silicone skin + hard plastic shell combo approach to keeping the handset protected

January 20, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

T-Mobile fine print leaks on-contract Dell Streak 7 price of $330? [Updated]

Sometimes what we're looking for is hiding in plain sight, and that just might be the case with the on-contract cost of the "amazingly priced"

January 20, 2011 StreakSmart

Awesome DIY wall mount from dim3m

This is far from news, being from last May/June and all, but good content is often timeless. Modder dim3m created an awesome flexible iPad wall

January 19, 2011 Android, Apple, Hacks, Tablets

It’s all about the accessories for Motorola’s ATRIX 4G

Now that the craziness of CES 2011 is becoming nothing more than a shrinking image in the rear-view mirror, it's time to recognize one of

January 19, 2011 Android

Sleek Hanvon HPad A116 impresses as Gingerbread reaches China

Chinese company Hanvon has joined the Android tablet masses with style in the shape of the Hanvon HPad A116. Shown in prototype form during CES,

January 19, 2011 Android, UMPC
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