New Sony Vaio P gets revised shipping dates depending on configuration

If you see the new Sony Vaio P in your future and have your heart set on the high-end configuration with the just-as-new 2.13GHz Intel

May 12, 2010 Laptops

Archos 5 Android and IMT receive hack to run Maemo

  The Archos product line currently seems like it is in a state of transition, with the imminent release of the value-aimed Archos 7 HT

May 12, 2010 Android, Linux, UMPC

Nokia N900 gets Opera Mobile 10 preview build

Although Firefox Mobile is still my favorite browser for the Nokia N900 and the stock MicroB browser is certainly no slouch either, I couldn't ignore

May 11, 2010 Features, Linux, UMPC

Nexus One sculpture dwarfed by Android and desserts

While we wait for photographic evidence of the giant frozen yogurt sculpture—confirmed to be made of foam and rather heavy—that was delivered to the Googleplex

May 11, 2010 Android

Android overtakes iPhone sales in the US, is the tide turning?

  Google's Android platform recently achieved a milestone with new data released by the NPD Group showing that sales of Android handsets overtook iPhone sales

May 11, 2010 Android, Apple

Aigo officially launches E500 tablet and also exhibits Aigo 7007 MID

  We first heard rumors that Aigo had two tablets in the works, the E500 and E700, at the end of last month. The company subsequently

May 11, 2010 Android, UMPC

Nexus One ditched by Sprint, seen canoodling with Froyo and Flash 10.1

The end has come quickly for anyone still holding out a glimmer of hope for a CDMA version of the Nexus One, now that Sprint

May 11, 2010 Android

RTA Phantom gets added to growing list of Android-Rockchip MIDs

Rockchip's HD-decoding RK2808 is quickly becoming the de facto standard for powering Chinese MIDs running Android, so anyone could have guessed that the chipset and

May 10, 2010 Android, UMPC

Shanshui P72 a Windows XP phone in all but appearance

  Over the past year we've seen a few examples of smartphone/UMPC hybrid devices running Windows XP, the most well known of these being the

May 10, 2010 UMPC

HP rumored to be working on Hurricane webOS tablet for Q3 release

Following HP's acquisition of Palm at the end of last month, we wondered about the possibilities and devices we could expect from the merged company.

May 10, 2010 UMPC
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