Fandango using HTC EVO to showcase Android app

If you experience a quick little thrill of recognition when you see the HTC EVO 4G in unexpected places on TV (e.g., Ford commercial, Fringe),

December 10, 2010 Apps, Good and EVO

Dell Streak release in Japan delayed

When the Dell Streak launched in Japan last month, it was the first one to be advertised as shipping with Android 2.2 (Froyo). Preorders began

December 10, 2010 StreakSmart

UMID mbook M1, BZ, and SE no longer being produced

UMID's entire selection of Atom-based mbook MIDs/UMPCs still looks to be available in Korea, but according to an email Pocketables reader Dax received from Dynamism,

December 09, 2010 UMPC

New official Froyo ROM (build 12821) for unlocked Dell Streak contains bug fixes

Dell has quietly released a new version of its official Android 2.2 ROM for unlocked Streaks. There's no documentation accompanying build 12821, but those who

December 09, 2010 Software Updates, StreakSmart

Google news round-up: Google goes to town with Gingerbread, Nexus S, and Chrome OS

I'm sure many of you have noticed the flurry of activity and excitement emanating from Google over the past few days, as the internet giant

December 09, 2010 Android, UMPC

BoxWave has Matrix Crystal Slip cases for HTC EVO

The design on the backs of these HTC EVO cases look more like chain links to me, but they're apparently supposed to be reminiscent of

December 09, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO

Add note shortcuts to HTC EVO home screen with AK Notepad

If you like the idea of keeping notes on your home screen, but the HTC Notes widget takes up too much space and other widgets

December 09, 2010 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

Internal emails confirm Froyo OTA update for AT&T-locked Dell Streaks delayed until January

So you know that rumor from earlier this week about AT&T-locked Dell Streaks not getting the official Android 2.2 OTA update until mid-January 2011? Well,

December 09, 2010 Software Updates, StreakSmart

White Dell Streak is more than just black Streak in sheep’s clothing

Although it looks like nothing more than a black Dell Streak with a white paint job, the white Streak is slightly different on the inside

Win an OtterBox HTC EVO Defender Series Case!

Who wants a free OtterBox Defender Series Case ($49.95) for their HTC EVO 4G? I've got two of them up for grabs right now, so

December 08, 2010 Giveaways, Good and EVO
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