Orange Tabbee tablet spotted at LeWeb conference in Paris

Spotted at the recent LeWeb conference in Paris, the Orange Tabbee internet tablet is made by Sagem on behalf of Orange France and has a

December 16, 2009 Linux, UMPC

New video showing ITG xpPhone booting into Windows XP

Just days after the latest info and images regarding ITG's xpPhone appeared, a new short video has surfaced showing an engineering sample of the handset

December 16, 2009 UMPC

Synaptics Fuse concept – a glimpse of the future of touch devices?

These days, touch screens are in vogue in virtually every segment of consumer electronics. Inspired by the success of devices such as the iPhone, we

December 16, 2009 UMPC

Busy weekend for the Google Phone, aka Nexus One

Over the course of most weekends, any news devoted to technology is fairly limited. At most, you might see a handful of entries on most

December 15, 2009 Android

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 delayed until January

There have been some recent rumors that Sony Ericsson's latest Windows Mobile smartphone, the Xperia X2, would be delayed to the beginning of next year.

December 15, 2009 Microsoft

Nokia N900 will be available from Vodafone UK in January 2010

We have always known that the Nokia N900 is a very capable smartphone with a great operating system in the form of Maemo, powerful hardware,

December 15, 2009 Linux

Onkyo NX, a rebranded Kohjinsha SK tablet PC, launches in Japan

Following the announcement of the Onkyo BX, a rebranded UMID M2, the Japanese company has also announced the launch of the NX707A4 tablet PC, which

December 14, 2009 UMPC

ITG xpPhone should replace iPhone and BlackBerry, says AMD Global VP

During one of its first outings as a real working product rather than just a rendered image, the AMD-powered ITG xpPhone that's been available for

December 11, 2009 UMPC

UMID M2 hardware rebranded as Onkyo BX

It doesn't have the specs or price anyone wanted, but if you've fallen for the UMID M2 hardware and you think the Kohjinsha PA (which

December 11, 2009 UMPC

eviGroup Wallet MID redesigned for upcoming release

Hailing from a company in France, the eviGroup Wallet Android MID has been closely followed by Pocketables since it was unveiled earlier this year. If

December 11, 2009 Android, UMPC
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