3 year old DIY keyboard design still works

I do a lot of DIY projects, and I really do mean a LOT. S0me of them span back years, and every now and then

March 27, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Hacks, Tablets

HTC EVO 3D available for preorder for $699.99, retail price listed at $799.99

Even though Sprint and HTC haven't disclosed what the HTC EVO 3D will cost when it's released this summer, MobileCityOnline has decided to go ahead

March 26, 2011 Good and EVO

iPad camera connection kit frenzy

Apple’s original Camera Connection Kit isn’t the most brilliantly engineered product Apple has made. Two separate adapters is hardly necessary to get both USB and

March 26, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Tablets

iPad 2 Smart Cover review

When Apple released the new iPad 2, it was obviously met with much fanfare. This is really the only tablet device on the market that

March 26, 2011 Apple, Tablets

iPad 2 tip: iPad 2 w/Smart Cover ≈ iPad 1, size wise

The Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is…well, it’s ok- overpriced, should have been included frankly (at least with the higher capacity models). It doesn’t

March 26, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Tablets

iMovie can’t edit external video files

Remember back before the iPad 2 was even announced, when I did that article on editing HD videos from a camera on the iPad 1?

March 26, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

Samsung releases Galaxy Player promo video that’s actually not bad

Promo videos these days suck. Between Apple stating that dirt under Steve Jobs’ fingernail is magic and Android tablet manufacturers either trying to make their

March 26, 2011 Android, Tablets

Nook Color getting more apps, possibly Flash in April

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color ereader has seengreat success due to its low price and Android hackability. Turns out that it will soon be a

March 26, 2011 Android, Tablets

iPad 1 vs iPad 2 speaker comparison

As Allen already wrote in a comment, the speaker on the iPad 2 is better than on the iPad 1. To find out just how

March 26, 2011 Apple, Tablets

iPad 2 screen bends to extreme angles

The glass used in any glass screen tablet is a lot stronger than normal glass. It can still shatter, especially when impacted by a sharp

March 26, 2011 Apple, Tablets
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