Capacitive stylus roundup

A friend of mine sent me a message asking if I could do an article on different styli (for capacitive screens). I thought that was


iPad student diaries #6: It’s spreading, but causing confusion

My iPad is no longer the only iPad in the classroom. Someone else in class got one as well, and that means it’s time to

March 05, 2011 Apple, Tablets

What to do if your Dell Streak was infected by DroidDream malware

A few days ago, Android Police discovered that a nasty virus now known as DroidDream had infected more than 50 apps in Android Market (full

March 04, 2011 Android, StreakSmart, Tips & Deals

A developer’s explanation of the iPad’s photo editing limitations

Back when I did the TouchUp review someone asked if it was able to edit high resolution images. I checked, and found out that 3mpix

March 04, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

iPad 2 promo spoofed in hilarious new video

This happens every year. Apple creates some ridiculously stupid iDevice promo that uses words like “magical” and “revolutionary” as if they were commas and periods,

March 04, 2011 Apple, Tablets

What to do if your HTC EVO 4G was infected by DroidDream malware

Thanks to the vigilance of our friends at Android Police, a nasty virus that's since been dubbed DroidDream was discovered to have sneaked into more


Apple will Slice Into Samsung’s Profits

We all know how competitive Apple has been on pricing the iPad’s, but it looks like Samsung is finally getting the memo.  the South Korean

March 04, 2011 Android, Apple, Tablets

Gameloft HD games for HTC EVO go on sale for $0.99, one game per day

It seems that Gameloft is always doing something to promote its HD game selection for the HTC EVO and other high-end Android phones. Whether it's

March 04, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

How to convince your significant other to root her HTC EVO 4G

This guest article was written by MildlyDisturbed. If you're anything like me, then I feel sorry for you.  You have a freshly rooted HTC EVO


How to sideload apps on AT&T Dell Streak running official Android 2.2 (Froyo) update

AT&T is notorious for preventing its customers from installing non-Market apps (better known as sideloading) on their Android devices. The carrier did it to the

March 04, 2011 Hacks, StreakSmart, Tutorials
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