Gartner wants tablets in enterprise, we agree

Some people think they’re all just toys. They’re for consuming content and not for creation. Great for a middle ground between your phone and your

April 19, 2011 Tablets

How to use Sprint to block text messages on your HTC EVO 4G

There are a number of ways to block people and spambots from sending unwanted text messages to your HTC EVO 4G. Most of them require


Australians get to pre-order Galaxy Tab 10.1v

Pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v are being taken by Vodafone Australia, who has sent out emails to those who pre-registered their interest. Although,

April 19, 2011 Android, Tablets

Dell shows off new Streak 7 case that you can't have

Hey, look at that. It's a never-before-seen Dell Streak 7 case that features a flip-style design and the ability to prop the tablet up in

April 19, 2011 Accessories, StreakSmart

Samsung preparing 2GHz dual-core processor, will make your 1GHz phone weep

It seems like just last year that 1GHz single core processors were the universal standard for premium mobile devices. Actually, it was last year. And

April 18, 2011 Android

Wacom still likes pens, intros stylus for capacitive screens

Do you remember resistive touch screens? I do, and I also remember that one necessary accessory that made them . . . well, somewhat useful.

April 18, 2011 Accessories

TouchRetouch HD: Clone tool done right

The clone tool that you find in Photoshop and lots of other photo editing software (including Filterstorm Pro) is quite a powerful tool if used

April 18, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

Max and the Magic Marker: brilliant new physics game for iPad

Max and the Magic Marker is a new physics based puzzle/adventure game on iOS that uses an in-game magic marker to draw objects to help

April 18, 2011 Apple, Apps, Tablets

Dell Streak standard battery available for under $10

Now that you know about a couple of Dell Streak accessories that can be used to charge a spare battery (e.g., external charger and unbranded

April 18, 2011 Accessories, StreakSmart

Reader ROM Picks: MikFroyo for HTC EVO 4G

Reader ROM Picks is a regular series that showcases G&E readers’ favorite HTC EVO custom ROMs. This ROM pick was sent in by Gary. Up

April 18, 2011 Good and EVO
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