EA Mobile offers Scrabble and other games for HTC EVO not available in Android Market

Gameloft takes a lot of flak for keeping most of its HD games out of Android Market, selling the titles available on its own website

January 24, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

Let the pissing match begin

Competitive markets are the cornerstones of modern economy; the world wouldn’t work without them, and consumers would be much worse off if they didn’t exist.

January 23, 2011 Android, Apple, Microsoft, Tablets

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Laptops and tablets both have their strengths and weaknesses. Ironically, one of the weaknesses of a laptop is a permanently attached keyboard while one of

January 22, 2011 Accessories, Android, Apple, Microsoft, Tablets

Speck Candyshell iPad case review

As with any Apple product in recent memory, 3rd party manufacturers have made accessories to combat anything anyone would want with their iPad/iPod/iPhone.  One of

January 22, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Reviews, Tablets

Long-awaited Nokia N9 could be headed for debut at MWC packing 1.2GHz Atom

We've known about the Nokia N9, the company's next flagship smartphone and probably the first to launch with MeeGo, for a while now, and even

January 21, 2011 UMPC

Latest HTC tablet rumors say three are on the way, the first due in March

HTC tablet rumors seem to have been hanging around for ages, with an occassional snippet of information coming to the surface but still no concrete

January 21, 2011 Android, UMPC

Phantom Skinz Chromatics cover Seidio and Mugen extended HTC EVO battery doors in carbon fiber vinyl

Let's face it. Having to choose between two things you really like just plain sucks. For example, you can either significantly increase your HTC EVO's

January 21, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

Dell increases 16GB unlocked Streak price by $50, then includes $50 Dell promo gift card

Okay, well, this is a little shady. Remember how Dell dropped the price of the 16GB unlocked Streak to $399.99 last month? Well, the black

January 21, 2011 StreakSmart

HTC EVO 4G catches another fishbone case

Not enough "bone" in that HTC EVO fishbone case you saw yesterday? Then have a look at this unmistakably skeletal case fashioned of the familiar

January 21, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO

Android: 2010 versus 2011

This guest article was submitted by Calob Horton. Android is installed on many different devices on many different carriers around the world. In fact, just recently,

January 21, 2011 Android, Features
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