ITG reveals xpPhone communications interface

In Technology Group's export sales manager got in touch today to let me know that the calling/communications user interface of the upcoming xpPhone is now

October 29, 2009 UMPC

Verizon adds HTC Droid Eris to Android family

While Verizon's official announcement of the Motorola Droid garnered most of today's headlines, freshly leaked information regarding a less expensive Android device, the HTC Droid

October 28, 2009 Android

MobileDemand xTablet T7000 designed for durability

Out in the field, one may have encountered the devices of MobileDemand. The company designs ruggedized tablet PCs, barcode scanners, and credit card readers. Recently

October 28, 2009 UMPC

Nokia releases N97 mini to the masses

My fascination with miniatures pre-dates my interest in handheld devices. As a child, I always chose the fun-sized candy bars when trick-or-treating and preferred Micro

October 28, 2009 UMPC

Verizon gets Android in a big way with the Motorola Droid

After a few weeks of watching those catchy television commercials poking fun at the iPhone and then morphing into a futuristic Transformer-style ending, we now

October 28, 2009 Android

RAmos W7 Android MID now available on eBay

There's nothing wrong with trying to make a little profit when selling goods on eBay, but this is outrageous. Remember that mysterious Android MID from

October 27, 2009 Android, UMPC

EKING S515 MID priced, shipping from Amazon China

Right on schedule, the rebranded DigiCube Z8 MID phone also known as the EKING S515 is being released this month to anyone clamoring for a

October 27, 2009 UMPC

Fujitsu joins the party with official Windows 7 drivers for U820

UPDATE: There have been 6 more drivers added, for a total of 17. Anything pertaining to the Fujitsu U series seems to get my attention, since

October 26, 2009 UMPC

Website load times on ARM Cortex A8-powered mobile devices

While assessing my mobile gadget collection the other day, I realized that four of my devices are powered by CPUs with ARM Cortex A8 cores.

October 26, 2009 Apple, Features, UMPC

Kohjinsha PA series available in November

The convertible clamshell UMPC/MID with the 4.8" WSVGA touchscreen better known as the Kohjinsha PA series may not be in the running for any style

October 24, 2009 UMPC
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