Taking the HTC EVO to CES 2011

I'm in Las Vegas this week for CES 2011 and since I'm not expecting to see a whole of EVO-specific news there other than maybe

January 03, 2011 Good and EVO

The curse of the fillable forms

With OSes like iOS, Android, WebOS etc tablets no longer suffer from running software that isn’t optimized for touch screens. Most things are simple to

January 02, 2011 Tablets

How touch screens work

I have mentioned briefly the differences between resistive and capacitive touch screens, but this is a very important subject that can change the user experience

December 31, 2010 Android, Apple, Microsoft, Tablets

2010, the year that tablets went mainstream

Just a year ago I sat at home staring at a tablet I was sent for review, the Archos 5 IT. It was one of

December 31, 2010 Android, Apple, Microsoft, Tablets

Remap Rosie mod gives HTC EVO dock options without removing Sense

Customizable home screen docks are one of the benefits of using third-party launchers and custom themes/ROMs, but how can you get a user-defined dock if

December 31, 2010 Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

Accessories on the cheap

Whenever you buy a new cellphone, computer, tablet or something similar there is a hidden cost that you need to consider: accessories. If you want

December 30, 2010 Accessories, Android, Apple, Hacks, Microsoft, Tablets

TubeMote updated and now working with HTC EVO

The last time we talked about TubeMote, a free service/utility that turns mobile devices into remote controls for the web, it wasn't working properly with

December 30, 2010 Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

How to get thin case with kickstand from official Dell Streak leather wallet

One of the accessories I ordered along with my AT&T Dell Streak was the official leather wallet case. The built-in stand was particularly appealing since

December 30, 2010 Accessories, Hacks, StreakSmart, Tutorials

App review: Oxford Deluxe English Dictionary and Thesaurus for iPad

As an English student I often refer to the Oxford dictionary, and since I don’t like paper it was an obvious choice to go for

December 29, 2010 Apple, Apps, Reviews, Tablets

Samsung rumored to hit Vegas with a Galaxy trio

With CES 2011 in Las Vegas just around the corner, both the rumor mill and hype machine appear to now be in full swing! One

December 29, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC
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