SanDisk MobileMate Micro is useful (and cheap) accessory for HTC EVO

Although most people will probably never remove the 8GB microSD card preinstalled in the HTC EVO 4G, those who swap cards often may find it


Dell Streak featured on front cover of August catalog

Although the layout and content may have been finalized long before whatever happened that caused the US launch delays, the Dell Streak is on the

August 04, 2010 StreakSmart

HTC tells customer to take EVO with unofficial Froyo update back to Sprint for software rollback

Although HTC hasn't released an official statement about this, the company has said via Twitter that it was working on a way to get anyone

August 04, 2010 Android, Good and EVO

Unlocked Dell Streak hits German market for 599 euros

It isn't listed on the company's Deutschland website as being available, but the Dell Streak can now be purchased in Germany. The 16GB carbon black

August 04, 2010 StreakSmart

First of the Archos Gen 8 devices may be inbound with appearance of Archos 32 8GB

  Remember back in April when we first heard of Archos' next-gen Generation 8 Series Internet Tablets? Said to be available later this year in

August 04, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Viewsonic allegedly developing a 7-inch Android tablet to join the armada

These days there's clearly no shortage of Android tablets especially those coming out of Asia, although it's also true that many don't make it out

August 04, 2010 Android, UMPC

Official and unofficial Froyo updates for HTC EVO both rooted

Whether your currently rooted HTC EVO wants the official Android 2.2 update (version 3.26.651.6) that hit the airwaves on Monday or the unofficial update (version

August 04, 2010 Good and EVO

Samsung takes a leaf out of Apple’s book for the next Yepp PMP

When the iPod touch first came out back in 2007, it caused quite a stir being "an iPhone without the phone," with the same OS,

August 03, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Dell Streak performs poorly in benchmark tests

Although the Dell Streak is more tablet than phone, it will still be grouped with and pitted against Android superphones when it's released in the

August 03, 2010 StreakSmart

Android benchmarks: HTC EVO 4G vs Dell Streak vs Motorola Droid X vs Samsung Captivate

A lot has happened since I questioned why people like Android so much and admitted a few months later how motherhood turned me into a

August 03, 2010 Android, Features
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