Sleek ZTE V7 MID joins the growing popularity of Maemo in China

  While the long-running Windows CE and now Android are usually the major mobile operating systems of choice for Chinese MID manufacturers, the last several

May 17, 2010 Linux, UMPC

MAG Digital tablet reappears as DAWA D7, now running Android 2.1

  Remember the MAG Digital tablet first seen at CeBIT? Also appearing rebranded as the iMito IM7, the device impressed us with its sleek, high

May 14, 2010 Android, UMPC

Michael Dell shows off Streak again, coming next month to Telefonica O2, AT&T “later”

There's no doubt that like many of us, Michael Dell is also very excited about the upcoming Dell Streak/Mini 5. After his first appearance with

May 14, 2010 Android, UMPC

SayCool M5A MID aims to remind us ARM and Android are not the only game in town

  SayCool aka Sinchun Electronic is a Chinese company that has graced the pages of Pocketables a few times in the past, most recently as

May 13, 2010 UMPC

Android 2.2 “FroYo” to include USB tethering and portable WiFi hotspot creation

  The steady trickle of information and hype surrounding the upcoming release of Android 2.2 "FroYo" seems to be building up a head of steam with the

May 13, 2010 Android

Sharp releases IS01 Snapdragon-Android MID developer version and SDK

While many of us were interested in the announcement a few months ago of the Sharp IS01 smartbook, with its 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 5" capacitive

May 12, 2010 Android, UMPC

Sprint reveals EVO 4G details, available June 4th for $199.99

What more can be said about the fantastic EVO 4G? We know it's going to be the smartphone to beat for 2010, and even Apple

May 12, 2010 Android

Another next-gen iPhone gets loose, teardown reveals A4 processor

Like it or not, the next-gen iPhone is exactly what we've seen in the last few weeks, seams and all, and now we're being treated

May 12, 2010 Apple

Aigo relaunches N500 Maemo phone as Walkshow NX7001 MID

Although what we're looking at here isn't anything spectacular on its own, the idea behind it is quite lovely. This is the new Aigo Walkshow

May 12, 2010 Linux, UMPC

New Sony Vaio P gets revised shipping dates depending on configuration

If you see the new Sony Vaio P in your future and have your heart set on the high-end configuration with the just-as-new 2.13GHz Intel

May 12, 2010 Laptops
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