Two apps that backup your HTC EVO without root

Although the only way to get a complete backup of your HTC EVO is by rooting it, you can backup more than you might have

September 08, 2010 Good and EVO

Streak Light turns Dell Streak into LED flashlight

One of the benefits of having Android 2.1 on your Dell Streak is being able to check out all the great apps that don't work

September 08, 2010 Apps, StreakSmart, Tips & Deals

AT&T sends Dell Streak unlock code to persistent customer

The Rebel Sim II is an easy way to unlock an AT&T Dell Streak for use with T-Mobile, but forum member robroy90 did it the

September 07, 2010 StreakSmart

Unrevoked 3.2 offers one-click root for HTC EVO 4G

If you're tempted by all the benefits of rooting your HTC EVO 4G but are overwhelmed by the multi-step process to get it done on

September 06, 2010 Good and EVO

Camangi returns to the Android party with promising Camangi II and FM600 tablets

The Camangi WebStation that launched at the end of last year was an Android tablet with a nice design and a lot of promise, but

September 06, 2010 Android, UMPC

iPhone 4 joins the slider ranks with Nuu Mini Key physical keyboard

As if we needed further proof that accessory makers absolutely love the iPhone and will stop at nothing to figure out all sorts of contraptions

September 06, 2010 Accessories, Apple

Archos 32 first out of the gate, now available for $150 from Archos in US

Now that we all know what Archos has been cooking up in its secret French lab, since all was revealed about the entire line of

September 06, 2010 Android, UMPC

5 popular iPhone games for your Dell Streak

If you're coming to the Dell Streak from an iPhone, then you might be disappointed by the smaller selection of games in Android Market compared

September 06, 2010 Apps, StreakSmart, Tips & Deals

How to backup HTC EVO bookmarks to SD card

Although rooting your HTC EVO is the best way to get everything backed up, you don't always need such a complete backup, especially if you

September 06, 2010 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals, Tutorials

USB tethering apps for HTC EVO don’t need root

If you've ever tapped on the "USB Tethering" option after connecting the HTC EVO 4G to your Windows PC and you don't already pay for

September 06, 2010 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals
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