Early thoughts on Windows Phone 7 as OS for MIDs

I picked up the new HTC HD7 off contract from T-Mobile today and don't ever plan to use it as a phone. The fact that

November 08, 2010 Features, Microsoft

So who’s up for some Windows Phone 7 action today?

After waiting for what seems like forever, today's the day that we here in the US can finally get our mitts on one of the

November 08, 2010 Microsoft

Android 2.3 Gingerbread confirmed, headed to developer Nexus One handsets “in next few days”

With Google's well known dessert-themed naming convention for its Android mobile OS, there has already been some buzz regarding the next update to follow Android

November 08, 2010 Android

Dell Backup & Restore app hits Android Market exclusively for Streak

You may remember that one of the details Streak Smart obtained from an anonymous tipster last week was that the official Froyo update for the

November 08, 2010 Apps, StreakSmart

Software version 3.30.651.2 won’t be released for existing HTC EVOs

Two weeks ago, a new software upgrade (version 3.30.651.2) for the HTC EVO was discovered by devs and quickly baked into updated custom ROMs. There

November 08, 2010 Good and EVO, Software Updates

HDMI dock for HTC EVO giveaway winner!

Monday is generally the worst day of the week. The weekend is over, you didn't get enough sleep last night, and the work week feels

November 08, 2010 Giveaways, Good and EVO

Dell Streak launches in Japan with Android 2.2 and Stage UI

Just in case you need more proof that the Dell Stage UI shown in yesterday's video and in previous leaks is the real deal and

November 06, 2010 Software Updates, StreakSmart

Video: Unreleased Dell Stage UI running on HTC EVO

If you're not keeping up with what's going on at StreakSmart, my Dell Streak site, then you may not know or care that the device

November 05, 2010 Android, Features, Good and EVO

Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragons set to power 10+ tablets in 2011

It's a familiar scenario for all of us who are interested in following the latest developments in processor technology. A chip manufacturer launches a stunning

November 05, 2010 UMPC

Video: Stage UI from official Froyo build on Dell Streak

You've seen the pictures. You've heard the details. Now it's time to actually see the upcoming Stage UI in action on the Dell Streak. Anyone

November 05, 2010 Android, Features, Hacks, StreakSmart
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