Kmart to carry sub-$150 Android tablet, no blue light special required

Excuse me for a moment as I get over the shock of Kmart still being in business, as the company split from my area over

July 26, 2010 Android, UMPC

HTC EVO 4G vs Motorola Droid X

I picked up a Motorola Droid X recently and since LAPTOP just said it was better than the HTC EVO 4G, I put together a

July 26, 2010 Android, Features, Good and EVO

Dell Streak vs Motorola Droid X

Over the last month or so, you've seen the Dell Streak hamming it up with the HTC EVO 4G, iPhone 4, and most recently the

July 26, 2010 Features, StreakSmart

No Android Market scrolling in portrait mode on Dell Streak

One of the things you may have noticed in my Dell Streak vs Droid X, HTC EVO, and Samsung Captivate posts is that although the

July 26, 2010 Android, StreakSmart

Seidio now shipping Innocase Extended/Snap case for HTC EVO with extended battery

We got a preview of Seidio's Innocase Snap, a case designed for use with the company's 3500mAh extended battery, while it was still under development

July 26, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO

Qik for HTC EVO 4G updated to support Android 2.2

HTC has previously announced that the EVO will "most likely" get updated to Android 2.2 (Froyo) in the second half of 2010. Since we're living

July 26, 2010 Apps, Good and EVO

Mugen Power 3200mAh battery for HTC EVO shipping in August

Mugen Power began taking preorders for its HTC EVO 1800mAh slim battery last month and started shipping them a few weeks ago, so it's no

July 26, 2010 Accessories, Good and EVO

CyanogenMod-6 release candidate now available for HTC EVO

If the nightly builds of CyanogenMod-6, a custom ROM based on Android 2.2, were a little too pre-alpha for your HTC EVO 4G's tastes, then

July 25, 2010 Good and EVO

Sprint takes over Downloads tab in Android Market on HTC EVO

Have you checked Android Market on your HTC EVO 4G today? If not, then I hope you said goodbye to the Downloads tab when you

July 24, 2010 Android, Good and EVO

Logitech diNovo Mini gives Dell Streak touchpad and keyboard

The Sharp IS01 may be the first Snapdragon-powered Android clamshell MID with a 5-inch screen (how's that for specific?), but until I get my hands

July 23, 2010 Android, UMPC
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