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Premium portable power without breaking the bank – Dodocool DP13

I travel for work a lot. Every month I cover up to 1200 miles just for commute purposes, and my job is office based! It’s

February 11, 2018 Accessories, Pocketables, Reviews

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s HomePod

On February 9th, there’ll be a new player in the smart speaker market, Apple’s HomePod. How does it stack up to other, well-established speakers such

February 07, 2018 2018, AI, Apple, Reviews
Tribit XSound Go bluetooth speaker 0

Tribit XSound Go Portable 2x6W Speaker review

After finishing up my testing and going to the Amazon page for a link, I saw the reviews of this and froze in my tracks.

February 07, 2018 Accessories, Reviews
Milo 0

Milo Mesh WiFi Review – It Does Work, But…

As I mentioned in my recent review of the Nova WiFi System, I’ve been long on the hunt for a mesh WiFi system. To that

January 31, 2018 Accessories, Reviews
Filofax eniTAB360 0

The eniTAB360 universal re-attachable tablet stand impressed me

Let me preface with this probably isn’t what you think it is, or perhaps it is, but it’s not quite your grandpa’s tablet stand. As

January 31, 2018 Accessories, Reviews
XY4+ review 2

XY4+ Finder review

If you’re familiar with Bluetooth finder fobs, and XY’s offerings in particular, this is a significantly better one with twice the range, 4x the volume,

January 30, 2018 Accessories, Reviews
VidAngel 8

Censor the [email protected]%& Out of Netflix with VidAngel

Call me old-fashioned if you must, but I’m not big fan of the recent upswing in coarseness in the modern world. It’s crazy, I know,

Gamevice Galaxy Note 8 4

Get a grip on your games with Gamevice

I am a PC, console, and Android (sometimes iOS,) gamer. On FPSs, with a mouse I’m a sniper, not the best but usually never the

January 26, 2018 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews
Walli 4

Walli Smart Wallet Review

I have to make a confession. I received the Walli Smart Wallet a few months ago but have held off on reviewing it until now.

January 26, 2018 Accessories, Reviews
R2 Plus 10

BLU R2 Plus Review – Budget Excellence

Upgrade cycles are stretching as people are starting to figure out what their devices actually cost. And with that awareness, the market for competent mid

January 25, 2018 Android, BLU, Pocketables, Reviews
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