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B&N Nook Color case review

Having the latest and greatest tech gear also means having expensive and fairly fragile devices.  While the Nook Color is a solidly built device, you

February 16, 2011 Reviews, Tablets

Review: Glossy carbon fiber vinyl HTC EVO battery cover

If you're as in love with having your HTC EVO's battery door covered in carbon fiber vinyl as I am, then you're going to be

February 15, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews

App review: Sacred Odyssey: the Rise of Ayden for iPad

They say that imitation is the highest form of flatery. Gameloft have taken that a bit too literally and keep releasing games that can only

February 12, 2011 Apple, Apps, Reviews, Tablets

Review: Vinyl skins for HTC EVO earpiece, logo, and kickstand

Want a better look at those laser-cut vinyl skins for your EVO's earpiece, HTC logo, and kickstand before paying $8.99 for a set of your

February 10, 2011 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews

Review: Cowon D3 Plenue Android PMP

The Cowon D3 Plenue is a PMP first and an Android device second, a distant second. It's important that you remember that in the right

February 10, 2011 Android, Reviews

App Review: AirView for iPad

One of the most common complaints about the iPad is the lack of HDMI. This always makes me bang my head against the wall because

February 06, 2011 Apple, Apps, Reviews, Tablets

App review: The Daily for iPad

Yesterday was one of the biggest single app launches the iPad- and mobile OSes in general- have seen so far. The Daily is a massive

February 03, 2011 Apple, Apps, Reviews, Tablets

Nook Color (with Froyo) review

This guest review was written by Aaron Orquia. The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is certainly an interesting device. It was released as a color

February 01, 2011 Android, Reviews

LG Quantum review

The LG Quantum is a device running Microsoft's recently released operating system, Windows Phone 7 (WP7). It's on AT&T's network, and you can get one

February 01, 2011 Microsoft, Reviews

Speck Candyshell iPad case review

As with any Apple product in recent memory, 3rd party manufacturers have made accessories to combat anything anyone would want with their iPad/iPod/iPhone.  One of

January 22, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Reviews, Tablets
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