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Yet another couple of updates

Sorry gang, last week has been a four person vomit fest as a stomach bug decided to travel around. Thought I’d update you all on some

March 03, 2016 Good and EVO, Site News
Late night flashing 14

Lots of updates

For those who entered to be a reviewer, some news… got two companies talking over the concept. Thus far the compromise I have been asked

February 10, 2016 Good and EVO, Site News

Russian botnets, WordPress issues, updates

We are currently in the middle of a botnet attacking the site, or so I’m told. Measures have been put in place to attempt to

January 21, 2016 Good and EVO, Pocketables, Site News

CES upcoming, what are you interested in seeing?

It’s two and a half weeks until CES. I’ve reached the point of mailbox management where it’s just not something I can keep up with

December 17, 2015 Good and EVO, Site News

Site updates, personal tales from foggytown, you won’t believe #17!

It’s a dark and foggy December morning as I write this. I’m recovering from whatever horrible baby disease of the day I managed to get

December 10, 2015 Good and EVO, Site News

Yet another update

We’ve been on the new server for three days now, and have been down a total of about a day due to issues. There was

November 05, 2015 Good and EVO, Site News

OMZGOD the mobile version is the terribles!!!!

So, you may be seeing the mobile version of the site Pocketables and you may hate it. If you do, there’s no need to fear,

November 03, 2015 Good and EVO, Site News

New server, some issues, progress

Just as a quick update, we’re on the new server, we lost about 10 days of images (different data set than the articles,) which I’ll

November 02, 2015 Site News
Unsubscribe email option in gmail 0

Update on the site fixes/move/future, gmail change and rigging

There are a couple of reasons there’s nothing new up today – the first is the site has been copied to a new server and

October 23, 2015 Good and EVO, Site News
What Pocketables Looks like on mobile today 14

So what’s the deal with Pocketables?

As I’ve been receiving a lot more email about this than I’d ever have imagined after a month and a half of Pocketables being the

September 30, 2015 Good and EVO, Pocketables, Site News
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