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Dragon Mobile Assistant (Beta) launches, offers alternative to Siri and Google Now

Dragon Mobile Assistant (Beta) has just launched in the Google Play Store, offering yet another Siri / Google Now competitor. Currently available for Ice Cream

October 24, 2012 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
sprint-direct-connect 2

Sprint offers official Direct Connect app for some Android phones

Sprint has just released a downloadable Direct Connect app for certain Android handsets that we previously incompatible with Sprint’s Direct Connect service, such as the Kyocera

October 24, 2012 Android, Apps
part-7 28

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 7: Variable arrays

Back in part 4 of the guide, I briefly mentioned variable arrays. I said then that I wasn’t going to go into more detail, as

October 24, 2012 Android, Apps
google-wallet-invite 6

New version of Google Wallet is coming soon, adds MetroPCS support in the meantime

Google has set up a landing page in which you can get notified when a new version of Google Wallet is ready to install on

October 23, 2012 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
featured 12

Check out these new Android apps and Android app updates this weekend

It’s actually been a fairly busy week, with quite a few new Android apps and updates to existing apps that are worth checking out. I

October 19, 2012 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
tvi-qs 2

TeamViewer Quicksupport is a great tool to have, but horribly unstable

I wrote about TeamViewer Quicksupport when it came out a couple of months ago. The app lets you remotely see and control a Samsung Android

October 19, 2012 Android, Apps
scene-upgrade 5

Holo-fying Tasker

Lately I’ve been giving my Tasker creations a face lift. It started with me redoing the way my todo list works, making it both faster

October 19, 2012 Android, Apps
google-calendar 22

Quick app review: Google Calendar for Android on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

Google has just released its official Google Calendar app on the Play Store. It’s the same app that comes pre-installed on Google Nexus devices, but

October 18, 2012 Apps, Good and EVO
netflix 4

Netflix launches in Scandinavia, thinks it’s the US

Netflix is rolling out in Scandinavia this week, which means that it’s no longer as necessary (but still beneficial) to use services like UnoDNS. Like so

October 18, 2012 Features
Screenshot_2012-10-17-17-39-39 7

Chameleon launcher hits 1.1, still a disappointment

I haven’t written about Chameleon launcher since it was on Kickstarter. It looked very good back then, and the concept of having widgets that look

October 17, 2012 Android, Apps
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