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notify-action 2

A trick to add notification bar shortcuts using Tasker

Yesterday I showed off some Tasker setups I had created using my new ability to remotely dim my lights using Tasker. The movie mode shown

October 05, 2012 Android, Apps
plague-inc 5

Quick app review: Plague Inc. brings global pandemic gameplay to Android

Plague Inc. is a game that has been available on iOS for a while now, but it just recently made its debut on Android. At

October 05, 2012 Android, Apps
dropsync 5

Classic app review: Dropsync for Android

Some apps have been awesome for so long that all the articles about them are hidden deep in the archive, making them next to impossible to

October 04, 2012 Android, Apps
dimlight 7

Fun with Tasker, Tellstick Net, and dimmable lamps [Video]

I recently set up a home automation system that is controllable from Tasker on my phone, and am currently getting familiar with it for the

October 04, 2012 Accessories, Android, Apps
playstation-certified 4

PlayStation Mobile is available today for certified Sony devices, with HTC and others coming soon

PlayStation Mobile is now live, and that means that tons of PlayStation certified games will be making their way to a select few Android devices,

October 03, 2012 Android, Apps
tasker-overlay-scene 2

Using overlay scenes in Tasker to augment the UI of an app

As explained in part 3 of the Tasker guide, the Overlay scene display method is great for adding overlaying scenes to apps. I haven’t really

October 03, 2012 Android, Apps
dual-panel 1

Custom Google apps now available in two pane mode without a specific DPI or ROM

We’ve seen the Android tablet mode interface on smartphones plenty of times before, with impressive ROMs such as ParanoidAndroid that allow users to customize the

October 02, 2012 Android, Apps

Adding items to my custom todo list system from anywhere with AutoRemote

Now that the Tasker guide is on hiatus, I can finally get back to creating things in Tasker for my own use. Ironically, the first

October 02, 2012 Android, Apps
featured 42

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 6: AutoRemote

The previous 5 parts have showed how much there is to know about Tasker itself, but that’s only half the story. The extensive selection of

September 30, 2012 Android, Apps
Fabrik 6

Fabrik Reader lets you put down your tablet and resume reading on your phone

Fabrik Reader is a free Android application that allows all your Android devices to stay on the same page of the ebook you’re reading. This

September 28, 2012 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
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