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AutoRemote is an Android app and a plugin for Tasker, that allows an Android device to communicate with other Android devices and computers, without using “normal” methods like SMS or email. It can transfer information and trigger events on the other devices, and also send replies back.

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Creating a virtual post-it note using Tasker, AutoRemote, and AutoNotification

Every so often, I find myself needing to put a small bit of information in a readily accessible place for a short period of time.

July 24, 2013 Android, Apps

A list of all the Tasker plug-ins I use

Earlier today, @vinitpaul asked me on Twitter about what Tasker plug-ins I would recommend. That gave me the idea to simply make an article out of

July 12, 2013 Android, Apps

Tips and tricks for debugging your Tasker creations

I get a lot of questions from people who’ve either recreated something or made something from scratch in Tasker, only to find out that it

June 07, 2013 Android, Apps

How to get started with EventGhost, AutoRemote, and Tasker [Video]

EventGhost is a Tasker-like app for Windows computers. There’s an AutoRemote plug-in for it, meaning that it can communicate both ways with Tasker on an

June 05, 2013 Android, Apps

How to use Google Now from AutoVoice using AutoShare and Tasker

AutoVoice has gotten a lot of attention lately, as it should. More and more people are looking into creating their voice assistant after seeing what

May 13, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

AutoVoice Tasker plug-in is now available in Google Play

Joaomgcd is becoming a very familiar name in the Tasker world, being the creator of epic plug-ins such as AutoRemote, AutoNotification, AutoShortcut, AutoShare, AutoBarcode, and

April 22, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

Smartwatches can potentially be very useful in education

Smartwatches are- right now at least- mostly just information display devices. The ability to just glance at some information on your wrist is however very useful,

April 05, 2013 Accessories, Android, Apps

How to add Posten Norge tracking numbers to the tracking app using AutoRemote and Tasker

My latest Tasker creation is fairly simple, and fairly niche in that it’s only really useful to Norwegians, but I’m hoping that just posting the

April 03, 2013 Android, Apps

3 great Android apps that more people should know about

Google Play shows you how many times an app has been downloaded, and those numbers often amaze me. Some apps have a million downloads for

March 29, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
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